3.14.1 Patch Notes Preview


So many negativity here, I've been loving the league. I don't really care about harvest, the game was amazing even before it existed anyway.
texture streaming?
Nice! Can't wait to get another 2 challenges done by re-adding the Razor one!

Hopefully Metamorph encounters get fixed as well. Still experience hard crashes during any of the encounters.
Still no word about Cinderswallow not giving a green ignite visual?
what about invisible mobs?
btw yea yea repair sirius music but dont touch his bugs, invisible spells, desyncs etc etc. thats the spirit
Basically no fixed for almost 2 weeks. Enjoy your vacation after failed league.
"This is purely a description change" is going to be a heading of 3.14.
another trash patch
I_NO wrote:
Rewards need to be improved.

i second this, risk != reward

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