3.14.1 Patch Notes Preview

Increase ultimatum Drops? ok...
Thank you for making the stone circles more 'doable' i was skipping all of them
Your Friendly Neighbour Sacred, come follow my twitch @Sacredng
So Pious Path + Immortal Ambition still broken?
Still nothing on Celestial Toxic Rain white square bug?

Might actually ask for a refund if it won't get fixed. I haven't been able to use it AT ALL.
we need a larger arena and/or less mob spam for ultimatums. its just a chaotic mess when you start maps lol
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"We're also preparing additional information about resource loading, invisible enemies/skills and various related issues."

At least there's hope now so I can run Sirus without having to try to get out of invisible 3 circle maze.
excuse me but texture streaming??? its ok until like yellow maps... hopefully you test your game on all levels of play, in high red maps its basically hoping your build is strong enough to handle tons of invisible enemies with tons of invisible effects. that made me quit the league a second time lmao
Fix Harvest and Texture Streaming!
Is spawn rate of the Ultimatum boss bugged or just really rare? I fight him once since league launch and I fail only 10 ultimatum in last 150 maps or so. Can we investigate please?

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