Community Designed Microtransaction - Theme Suggestions

I was talking on the POE Discord and many players suggested verbally that they would pay to be able to change their names after they had begun a character. Many begin characters on a whim, and end up loving their characters, only to regret the whimsical name they gave their characters. If GG would provide a 10 - 30 point name change for already created characters, then it is likey that it would be an additional revenue stream.
Add an upvote to Sharknado....glad someone suggested it before me...its the clear winner here...
It would be very interesting if you could have a light source in the cyclone that leaves a visible trail as it spins around the character (think of long exposure shots of brake lights on highways at night)

Interesting things happen when you spin a spinning light around and do patterns with your hand, as many ravers across the world can attest to, so this may make a fun visual minigame where you are drawing spirographs instead of focusing on mechanics.

Google image search 'Spirograph' and/or 'Antispin Poi' to get a visual idea of what I mean :>
Devourernado obviously
what about updateing templar model and walking animation?
Fidget spinner cyclone but it's steampunk?
A set of skill effects with a theme around floating or water-like movement, based on the movement of silk fabric sleeves (like hanfu or „water sleeves“) while fighting, similar to asian movies. Looks more elegant and maybe divine and could be used for a skill with rotations like whirling blades. Another use for such a effect could be like a silk fabric expanding in the front of the character(Reave). Main color is white. Another direction would be something like a silk scarf for aura effect like the scarf of a japanese goddess.
Personally I would love to see abyss themed MTX For example, raise abyss zombies, spectres, skeletons etc. :)
Dog-chasing its own tail Bladestorm! Could obviously also apply to anything that spins like dog- Blade Vortex.
I need verdant traps. Except theyre mushrooms and blow up with spores and weird gasses and shit. PLEASE.

Edit - As for the cyclone. Money rain cyclone obviously.
Yo gimme dat login prio.

Harvest sucks! But look at my decked out gear two weeks in!

Labyrinth salt farm miner.
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