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Breakdance cyclone
Cyclone but with a giant swinging C*** (Just kidding please don't ban me)

Cyclone but a clock with hands spinning round at different speeds (seconds, minutes, and hours where 60s is 1 cast time)
Helicopter Cyclone, in honour of the helicopter build - you get a bunch of rotors spinning on top and the "tail" rotor of the heli points backwards from the direction you're going.

.... or if we want to go reeeeally old school memes, a spinning leek.
Summon raging nanobots/locusts?

can't think of anything for soulrend other than a voice mtx inspired by Mortal Kombat - "You're Soul is mine"

Maybe then, probably not possible. Somehow suck the souls (summon) instead of casting as an MTX for soulrend. Rather than the ability coming from you, it comes out of the mobs instead.

Edit: It's late and didn't read properly. It's for cyclone.

Maybe a Batman themed type of Cyclone? Similar to the Christopher Nolan films where the bats surround him.

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Panda Firestorm. One big panda falling and then a ton of tiny pands raining down after.
Ecion9022 wrote:
Groundslam with Celestial Effect Please, I'll definitely buy.

What does it look:
Upon slamming, instead of earth spike protruding outwards, the ground turns into celestial void (also moving outwards).

For Vaal Groundslam, the circle of spikes will just turn into big circular celestial void.

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