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caprisolle wrote:
Also, there are times when my character would get stuck while using a leap slam like stuck on the wall or something

Yes same here.
What about server lag?
with the "reworking" of the harvest, with the "reworking" of the league awards, it became less interesting to play, as if you took a couple of steps back, why? I hope GGG doesn't give a damn about online, and they'll check the online player league after a month and compare it with the online ritual a month later.
"Fixed a bug where Flameblast microtransactions could be applied to the Blood Sacrament skill granted by the Relic of the Pact unique wand."

Thats not a bug, thats a feature
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Are you going to fix the "living" death bug? Where a player dies on the line between being in and out of the circle, gets the dialog box but still is running around performing actions killing mobs in the ultimatum mechanic to completion.

Fix Harvest please and give us back a better iteration of it.
It's almost usless to use it now.
Would have been better to rebalance tags and influence mods instead of just delete the annulement.
Like you did before when you removed Frenzy/Power Charge.

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I do not see "We fix abuse case with Ultimatum Survival mode and remove ridiculously low item cap as a temporary fix"
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Dhol91 wrote:
Anything on the Texture Streaming? Its unplayable for many right now - bosses, effects, debuffs, items, everything not loading here and there for a lot of people.

The last hotfix may have improved the issue with invisible monsters/effects, otherwise it may be related to low drive space. If you're still getting this issue, would you mind logging a bug report next time you experience the issue?
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ctrl+f "Harvest," 0 instances.

Just take it out back and kill it already, GGG. Either accept the determinism Harvest entails or destroy the mechanic entirely, but leaving it as-is is pitiful. You haven't addressed the core issue that makes it absurdly OP for dedicated high-tier crafters (that being craft trading via Discord servers, the optimal method of Harvest use) while gutting it for SSF and those scared of getting scammed doing 3rd-party craft trading.
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Thanks. Ultimatum turns out to be quite an enjoyable league mechanic. It’s a shame this league launch was mired with controversy.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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