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I saw a lot of reply against texture streaming and I got to agree.

Sirius spells gets invisible.
Metamorph on release sometime do a lot of stuff while invisible.
A lot of bosses glitch.

Those are big threats
Texture loading is too slow, can confirm
Adzang2 wrote:
What about this rendering issue a lot of us are having...

This sounds like what I see entirely too much of: occasions where you're left staring at a frozen screen (and sometimes things on said screen aren't fully rendered) while things are actually proceeding, with the expected result. As a result, ultimatums end up being avoided entirely - why, after all, would you engage with a mechanic that, in effect, kills you without even the opportunity to avoid such an outcome?
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Any updates on PC gamepad support?
Yea, you guys had months to make texture streaming work and it doesn't. Just end it.

I get the concept. It's like draw distance for 3D games but if I'm playing a game standing next to a tree then turn away from the tree and look back the tree doesn't load it's textures again.

I pull up my Atlas and see my waypoint loading textures again.
That's the dumbest implementation I've ever seen. It's done. Kill it with fire.
Texture streaming is trash, acknowledge it already.
I know it's been said before, but just for exposure, FIX BLASTCHAIN PLEASE, not yelling, would just like it to get noticed :D Cheers!
Where are boosted drops from slain enemies in Ultimatum at?
Just for more exposure and urgency.. Please fix blastchain/tremor rod... its so unplayable and ruined league starts.
My main beef with Ultimatum is that the rewards aren't even hinted at. There's no "carrot" other than the hope of getting "something". There should be a queue of icons to show us what we're fighting for... or some other hint.

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