What We're Working On for Ultimatum

grats on ultimatum, i'm enjoying it muchly :)
This was supposed to be your chance to make the actual "difficulty vs reward" for once and what we got? a spin around league because the spots where the trialmaster spawns on many maps is awkward to even dodge things around.. this isnt a difficult thing this is a design issue where you havent consider anything but just watch streamers die to a truckload of mobs instantly spawning when they are buffed from the map modifiers plus the ultimatum mechanics.

So it's basically a constant 5-15 mods map when you face ultimatums.. the reward and the design clearly reminds me of how flawed the feared is where you can have absolute no drops for it despite being the most difficult fight in the game currently.
Don't be a poe stan.

Use your fucking brain.
Bestiary's Blood Altar no longer filters the level of beasts for the first slot. A fix for this is being worked on. For now, manually select an appropriate level beast in the first slot, if available.

Oh, no. I hope something similar comes back. Was a good quality of life while it lasted.
Nothing about texture streaming or rhoa bug in blight. Go ahead and keep 'working on' a tone-deaf product fewer will pay for.

You have 50mil in reserves anyways.

I don't use Rejuvenation Totem. I use Spell Totem + Vitality +Reduced Mana. Like a boss.
Fixed a bug where Flameblast microtransactions could be applied to the Blood Sacrament skill granted by the Relic of the Pact unique wand.

Dude, think about it... more money...
"Teamwork is OP"
-The one and only one Dark_Reaper115 at your service.
good stuff
nice. now do flicker strike desync
No mention of bricked conqueror citadels. Wonderful. Sirus is completely inaccessible to some people because we literally cannot fight our fourth conqueror.

I havn't been able to fight Al-Hezmin for three days now.
Please, fix tremor rod and issue with mines. Current result is that when I detonate mines, I detonate random amount(from 1 to 6) where I should detonate 19.
Also, there are times when my character would get stuck while using a leap slam like stuck on the wall or something

Edit: nerf ultimatum mobs please. the problem with ultimatum atm is that, it cant be done even in early time without proper gears. swarm of mobs + tons of rare mobs + high defenses and damage + add on with the debuff per round + i believe maps' mods affect these mobs too = overkill.

not a great experience at all
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