Extremely Slow Queue Processing

Let's nerf this skill... ho and let,s nerf all the servers. Nerf everywhere!
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5hrs of playing and still im in act 2 sadge
standing in queue then after it press play then standing in queue again because game wont even load :D nice. restart the legue so everyone have equal chance
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Giggspoe wrote:
Verdale wrote:
Chris wrote:
Once again, we're very sorry about the delayed start to the league for most users. We will make sure that this never happens again.

Chris really needs to hire a better spokesperson, or otherwise needs to learn to stop and think about what he's writing as the face of the company. These empty promises that have been provided to us for the last several league starts are getting stale and have lost their meaning. If the problem was truly as unforeseen as you claim it to be, how can you also claim to promise it will never occur again? What about every other time there was turbulence during a launch, that was "unexpected", "unforeseen", or "unfortunate"? Were no lessons learned that point either? Your words say one thing, but then the actions show another.

On a related topic, the absurd privilege given to certain players has become even more relevant and obvious than ever before. What is the point of having a ladder event where 99% of the players have no chance of competing or coming close in terms of progress to the other 1%? These privileged players have a huge advantage now and will continue to have a large influence in the economy going forward. You tried to save face by letting your "free marketing team" play the game uninterrupted, but have upset the rest of your player base in the process.

I'm absolutely puzzled by the everything GGG has shown me over the past few years and I am embarrassed for the support and contributions I have made towards the team during that time. There has only been a streak of downward trending quality over the past several leagues, despite what their player numbers may show. To be completely honest, if I were in charge of QA or PR for both this league start and the last, I would be extremely embarrassed by what I have put forth as part of my résumé.

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Absolute joke. I was actually excited to miss this mess because I had a long day at work. Thought I'd be able to jump on and miss the queue and instead got in the longest one ever.

Can get a few moments in before most of the time is wiped away while getting notified about hitting high levels and being first to a map.

Just give everyone a headhunter and don't open your mouth again till next league.
Every single zone change times out, rolls back items too...

As a dev I can understand and empathize and even forgive that a league launch has so many failures, no matter how many tests you do, there can always be something that goes wrong, and that does not change my perception of GGG at all.

What I find much more difficult to empathize with is the priority in queues and servers for streamers, although I could understand and forgive it from a business perspective.

But what is totally unforgivable is the way it has been done, and continues to be done, without a statement from GGG about the actions that were going to be taken with respect to streamers and the reasons for doing so.

The marketing / communications department (or Chris it self) has done things so absurdly wrong that they have shown that the "Streamer's luck" meme is not a meme but a reality.

All of us who are developers know that these tools existed (something totally normal) but it cannot be demonstrated, now with that dark and hidden way of establishing the priorities of the streamers it is GGG itself that has demonstrated it, showing the entire community not only that these tools exist but that they are willing to use them in opaque, hidden and totally unethical ways with the rest of the community, and that is going to kill your reputation as a ethical/fair company for the rest of your life.

And all this could have been avoided with a simple statement about what was going to be done and why.
ok im done this is getting stupid,1000000 disconnects and rollbacks this is not fun,bye
what a joke of a launch
please do yourselves a favor and reset this league. I am not going through yet another queue and dc until you do!

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