Path of Exile April Expansion Teaser

I have a 500/100 Mbit fiber Connection and i have tons of lag and 30ms to server. in the start of this league the game crash 4-5 a day, now i haven't hade a singel one and have not done any changes except driver updates that i do the dame day a new driver is a available for download and i have always done it that way. Guess this means from my end that its more likley that GGG servers sucks ad cant handel the load and dont have the right bandwitch for so many ppl.

They need to fix this issues what ever it is that causes the game to crash and lag.

Otherwise love this game and i think GGG is doing an awesome job and no company is 100% flawless.

keep it up
The first week was horrible this time. I hope GGG will find a better solution for the 3.14 start week.
"Net income CN¥160.125 billion"

Says update your drivers lol
Looks intresting :)
Incarcerated wrote:
This isn't a simple issue. GGG can't prepare for everyone's unique PC setup and potential software conflicts. At some point, the responsibility is with you to take action for yourself and to help GGG find the problem.

This is why the video game industry is in its current state.

The customer has been convinced that they are responsible for making a product fit for purpose.

Ritual 2/PoE 2 btw.
In my seven+ years I have never seen so much removed by support.

Clearly they don't want us seeing what we have to say.

The solution is simple, wait till late league to spend any money. This format allows us to make them pay up front for a change.

Use it.

I paid for the atlas upgrades. If next league sucks, and they don't do anything substantive to make up for harvest nerfs, or any of the longer standing problems, then no money for them.

If we all did that we'd basically dictate design policy.

I guess that's why they don't want us talking to each other except to trade.

Honestly half expecting this post to be censored.
Looks like POE Ritual 2
I Believe I Can Fly ~~~~
very nice! i hope for another great league!
no more daily teasers ??????????????????????????????
that really looks amazing
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