Path of Exile April Expansion Teaser

Ad Astra Per Aspera
Thanks for taking into account actual Oceania players as usual.......
I hope, you make the right priority with build:

1. Trade platform that all the 100k players deserve.
2. Improve Harvest recipe. This is important for 90% of players.
3. Make Harvest recipes tradable. This is important for 90% of players.
Those peramids, and motifs look a lot like the Alva league. Make somethign different.
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.
That free thing scares me ... Should we expect pay2play in the future or?
Zaraky wrote:
Incarcerated wrote:

Many players are themselves at fault for crashes and client issues because they don't update their drivers or bother to read up on fixes available on the forums.
I haven't ever had a bad league launch experience aside from delirium and a few of the early leagues so chill. Also if the first 1-2 days of a league are the defining part of a league for you, that's pathetic.

Update your drivers.
Read the common/known issues forum posts.
Make sure you understand your PC's capabilities and limitations before blaming GGG.

EDIT: Oh and lag is DEFINITELY on your end. Get a better provider if you're not in 3rd world USA.

Lol.... [Removed by Support] Path of Exile has been infested with bug and crash way before synthesis but Synthesis was the major start of broken and unplayable content, which sadly, has kept happening on every league since then. So yeah, sorry but driver won't fix crash to desktop when it's an internal game error.

Oh and lag isn't entirely on the user end if the server can't handle the load... Dude, please, [Removed by Support]

I have my pc update ,i send mail to GGG all this league with no answer,i take damage but i didn't see from where, I was crash from game, when i reload I lose portal, at Siro i take damage from out of screen same bug at Siro in front of the door before to meet Siro lots of chaos was impossible to play, btw i play poe for around 5-6 years never ever i have this problems like i got in ritual game was unplayable

i know ppl who give up because GGG don't fix bug crash and lag
Sorry if I answer so late but I didn't play ritual league ,I just said game was unplayable

1. fight with SIRO bug, I took damage from outside of screen

2. maps lots of crash after reload no more portals

3. in map i take damage but don't show me moobs

4.izzaro when i need to put points in in ascendancy game crash

5 lots of lag

i send mail to GGG about this problems, I show them what pc I have ,after few good weeks they ask me to send them vid

i record vid i send them again ,after long long time they answer me with (we cant see y vid, do other) but was late because I didn't play game with so many problems

if next league will be same I give up to poe

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