Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

I can't believe how out of touch you are, please reconsider this.
Also stop deleting comments, this is hilarious.
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can you remove add influenced items ?
noooooooo pls ggg if u do this I might go straight afk next season cause I know I will never get the same level end game item like this league, pls don't nerf that hard.
how can i refund my supporter pack? because i dont support GGG anymore if they follow this RNG strategy
I'm sorry, but this post was disturbing to read...

When you write:
Chris wrote:
"When we were designing the crafting mechanics that would be the reward system for Harvest League, we wanted to experiment with a system that allowed you to craft items while leveling (using the equivalent of powerful currency like Exalted Orbs), so that players could get the experience of using valuable currency items without feeling bad that they were missing out on future value."

So you're suggesting crafting with Harvest in the low levels is fine, but when it comes to end-game or actually decent items, we want you to struggle heavily behind RNG that's tied behind expensive currency that barely if ever drop.

Then you state,
Chris wrote:
"Players also expressed frustration that the most effective way to get the best items in Path of Exile was to join a discord channel and try to trade for these incredibly crucial crafts."

What exactly is wrong with this? You expected us to use external websites when it came to trade and alt-tabbing in order to trade instead of having an auction house, but when it comes to crafting, people shouldn't feel obligated to use Discord? What sense does this make? Which by the way, not everyone used Discord, others used trade channels and/or actually used the crafts themselves instead of relying on others for their crafts back when that was actually possible with 3.11.

Chris wrote:
"The first part of this that concerned us was that Harvest was critical in making the best items (and hence made many other game systems obsolete)."

Maybe because the systems you had before Harvest WERE indeed obsolete and did not offer much of anything worthwhile. It's like you can't stand the fact that people can get actual good items for themselves for once without having to rely on heavy RNG. You ALREADY made Harvest more RNG dependent with 3.13, now you're doubling down and making it even worse.

Then you state:
Chris wrote:
" 'Our problem with all of this can be summarised with the following thought: "Why would I use a regular Exalted/Divine/Annul Orb when I can get one through Harvest that has a deterministic result?' "

False, changes are necessary and good. You are literally fighting against progress because you are too complacent with the past and literally clinging on to the past. People explained to you on Reddit and forums numerous times, that what is in the game currently is not a crafting system, but a slot machine simulator that relies on people having to save up for an entire league just to get less than optimal rare items. Harvest actually fixed this and you are going against it because it's harder for you to balance the game around people being able to craft, rather than you just removing the crafting.

There is still a reason for a lot of the other crafting in the game, it just sounds like you are throwing anything into the wind as a justification for removing something that actually improved the game for once. The only people I have seen complain about Harvest are the people from the past who can't stand any change and the same people who would monopolize the game and couldn't stand others actually having an advantage for once. No more being forced to pay for their carry services or their RNG slot machine items because players had a chance to make their own gear now and you decided even after these heavy 3.13 RNG based changes that it's still somehow too much.

Chris wrote:
"We know that many players would love us to keep deterministic crafting in the game because it enables them to complete their items far more quickly than they otherwise would."

False, without Harvest, it is near impossible if at all to make the items that you need, let alone "quickly".

Chris wrote:
"But then there would quickly be nothing left to achieve."

False again, people find new things to achieve if they find the game enjoyable and Harvest makes the game enjoyable. If anything, NOT having crafting in the game is the reason I and many others left the game for a while. Because there was no reason to play in a game that you had little to no chance in when it came to having a decent build. Harvest gave a reason to actually play the game again and I'm not the only one to think this.

Chris wrote:
"It was an interesting experiment, and we understand that some players will likely be attached to this level of incredibly easy crafting, but it's just not the Path of Exile we set out to make."

Incredible easy crafting...? Compared to 3.11, in 3.13 you took an activity that offered a good variety of agency when it comes to farming what specific crafts you want and once again went back to your old ways of gating everything behind heavy rng because that's the only way to have fun in your minds. Now you have RNG (chance to spawn grove) over RNG (chance to get the seed you want) over RNG (reveal the craft you want) over RNG (get the craft you want) over RNG (get the tier you want). Does this sound like fun to you? Apparently not because even this was too "deterministic" and "incredibly easy" to you.

Chris wrote:
"This sentiment was summed up by a member of our design team who recently said, "We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not."

You can't be serious with this...? Do you believe people actually ENJOYED this experience in the past? It was awful... Why would you want to chance ruining your item and never having a chance to fix it in any way possible again? Exalts are not supposed to be vaal orbs. You had Harvest right with 3.11 and you progressively with time made it worse just as people predicted. 3.13 made it even MORE RNG based, now Harvest might as well not even be in the game anymore with 3.14.

Chris wrote:
"Some mods that had overly-deterministic behaviour have been removed. These include all annulment mods (other than the ones that remove a mod that isn't of a specific type before adding one of that type), and all type-specific divine mods."

Awful decision, again, you are clinging to the past because you can't deal with change in your game. You want everything to just stay the same. Literally, fighting against progress in your own game and for what? Because the other route of balancing the game around the crafts would be more difficult? I guess that means the players have to suffer instead then.

Chris wrote:
"Crafts that add mods of specific types (like Physical Modifiers, for example) to items can now only be applied to non-influenced items, except for the existing mod that applies an influenced mod to an influenced item."

So the only mods that offered anything of remote value you're deciding can't be crafted on? What do you propose instead? Just rely on luck? Thanks but no thanks.

Chris wrote:
"The chance of encountering a portal to the Sacred Grove in a map has been increased by 60%."

Useless, this is the equivalent of when you recently removed all the move speed from the Assassin ascendancy tree but gave the Assassin ascendancy increased power charge duration as a "consolation".

This is, by far, the worst decision I've witnessed for this game since 2013. I can't believe you would do this to your own community.
🔷🔶🔰🌀✨Make trade like the Grand Exchange from RuneScape✨🌀🔰🔶🔷

Let us zoom out more. Bring back: 32:9, Heist Alt Quality Gems, Sextants, Gear Enchanting, Prophecy, Perandus, Metamorph, Scourge, Sentinel, Kalandra & Crucible. Stop removing content from the game.
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It was an interesting experiment, and we understand that some players will likely be attached to this level of incredibly easy crafting, but it's just not the Path of Exile we set out to make.

What an out of touch statement. Incredibly easy? What a joke. Maybe for full-time players/streamers, but not for me or the average player. Keep your work of art GGG... maybe when you've really perfected it the 1% high-end players who still play can keep you in business.
FrogZ_VV wrote:

Remember to vote with your wallets
You nerf harvest craft but money printer like +1 maximum power charge implicit ring still going on ? seriously
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So... I play like 4 hours a day (when I play), and you want to remove the "Non random stuff" from harvest claiming that:
"We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting the game, scared to see whether you ruined it or not."

I HATE THIS FEELING, I PLAY THIS GAME (seriously) FOR 6 YEARS, and I NEVER GONNA SLAM A STUPID EXALTED in my stuff, the feeling is not good, don't ruin my game, now that I can have acctualy good stuff and dont need to play like a retard like 12h a day.
Don't nerf my harvest and make it easier to trade the crafts just like you did with bestiary...
Absolutely hilarious how out of touch GGG are.

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