Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

BHAHAHAHA! i see this just now. Wonder wy it was not on the front page :p
Just delete harvest lol. Well, its not like i realy play any more. I had a good run. 5k hours is enough. Might give poe2 a go. But prob still a cluckerfuck onely better graphics.
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Knaapp wrote:
Chase uniques are cool and all, but anyone remember crafting?


Chaos spam into carpal tunnel is the only real crafting
496 pages lmao,so this when the first bad blood drawn ye.
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I wish I could pay for old harvest crafting. Thats so sad.
keep nerfing harvest even more, more reasons why not to play.
The game throws a bunch of great challenges for us to solve. However, especially for SSF, there are no reliable tools to solve those challenges, mostly because of crafting.

I'd rather see "crafting at a cost" similar to that for flasks, applied to currency usage on item bases. Then players would know that their efforts will pay in the end. Even Last Epoch, changes their crafting recently to give it much needed player agency, a move that the players overwhelmingly supported. Crafting does not need to be "easy" but manageable.

Bring back real Harvest! not this system that is so bad.

Maybe a classic harvest relaunch?
mrblabla wrote:
Thanks GGG it really getting time to find a new game since you dont care about average players that can´t spend 12 hours a day to get endgame Gear. It was fun, but you don't care about your 99% of playerbase.

What a lovely take on a free-to-play game.

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