Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

Actual PogChamp
Game is dead. Reddit won.
Any chance to get crafts into orbs like bestiary orbs?
Either Remove it or Revert it. These bullshit half changes are making the game inherently worse. Stop.
all you had to do was make the crafts untradeable.
Now this remains a toy of the rich
Stupid decision. You refuse to fix the fact that ALL end game items are crafted. Instead you just make it harder to craft them again. Don't bother fixing the fact that most loot filters filter out 99% of the loot because it is absolutely worthless to pick up. Instead you take away the only viable way to get decent items for people who don't play this game like their life depends on it.

I am sorry Chris, but you have lost your pulse on what players want. You talk about how most people quit before hitting yellow maps, then you have a league where people play into yellow maps, you take away the reason they even played in the first place. I can't believe how absolutely out of touch you are with your own player base and the design of this game.
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great, now im a standard only player

this is, in short, a brick. harvest was the only thing that kept me playing this league as long as i did.
you may as well remove it from tha game now.

can we at least have good fossil mods back?

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Good riddance, keep up the good work GGG :)
Congratulations on ruining one of the very few things that you have done in the last several years to have a near unanimously positive reception.

No, really. You decided not to add Harvest into the base game the first time for the exact reasons you decided to gut it this time. You had an eternity if you so chose to revisit the content and bring it in line with standard, but you chose to release it in this form, right now, and introduce it alongside one of the biggest changes to the atlas since the Conquerors were added. From what I've seen, the vast majority of players had a positive reception to the revisited concept of Harvest, and what we got this time around was supposed to already be balanced for introduction into standard. We were obviously wrong. Instead of getting what was supposed to be a new outlook on the stale crafting meta of 2015, we got a two or three month period of getting baited into thinking the game was getting better.

Obviously, you either don't pay attention to your playerbase's reception of content or you don't care. A nerf would've been understandable but this is too far. The fact that this is the second iteration of this content just goes to show that the design team's intent is a farce. This was supposed to be the already balanced version of harvest. You had a literal eternity to fix it. You didn't even have to reintroduce it! But, you've decided to improve the game only to make it worse.

I've been playing Path since the closed beta back in 2012 because I wanted an ARPG competitor that wouldn't be making the same Blizzard-tier fuck ups, but this is a new low. The disconnect here is almost on par with asking us if we don't have phones. The game was finally making progress in a good direction, but this is just sad.

I hope that the rest of the Path of Exile community decides to show their support with their wallet, as until this absolute joke is addressed I will not be providing another cent towards the game.
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