Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

Players also expressed frustration that the most effective way to get the best items in Path of Exile was to join a discord channel and try to trade for these incredibly crucial crafts.

TFW your game now contains too much friction in trade 😂
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oh no anyways....
well Chris, it still is that only a few % can do that, while others mapping can't even find harvest. Get a grip.
and btw who does chaos/exalt slams anyways???? thats just a waste, you use it to multi-mod or prefix/suffix cannot be changed and scour to get rid of useless mods... who would in their right mind waste an exalted orb in YOLO attempt to hit the 1 mod you want out of 10000000000 mods?
the best state of PoE was 3.13,
3.22 is a close second
This sentiment was summed up by a member of our design team who recently said "We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not."

Echoing the sentiment of everyone else here:

WHO DOES THIS?! Almost no one; just the people who play 12 hours a day and/or the people who are trade gurus with 10000 exalts in the bank.

Are we targeting the entire system to them?
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RIP Harvest
;c My Heart Stay in Harvest!
So instead of fixing the issues of the current "crafting" (gambling) system that currently is used to make items you prefer to nerf a four layer rng crafting option that is liked by the community.

The four layers being: 1-Getting harvest on the map, 2-Getting the appropriate seeds for the crafts you need, 3-Getting the craft itself that you need or some kind of craft useful enough to be sold and 4-Getting the mod that you want as a result

If you are conscious of the issues with the current system maybe it would be better if you fixed those issues instead of nerfing so much a system that actually works. If you want us players to use currency, why not make the gardens consume currency in order to grow the crafts that you want? That way we would need to have the currency to use the mechanic and it would remove a layer of rng from harvest itself making it better for both players and your idea for the game since we would still need to get our hands on currency to make it work.
it is in Path of Exile's best interests going forward

Aaand it's gone!

The chance of encountering a portal to the Sacred Grove in a map has been increased by 60%

How can you be so fucking blind?!
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
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KalElAgent47 wrote:
I stopped supporting this game since Q1 or 2 2019. You do not understand your player base.

Majority of the players do not make mirror tier items. Majority of the players do not even make a 10-20 Exalted Orb Budget build.

The fact that you type this garbage and post it "We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not" shows how little you understand this game. You are balancing itemization around the top of the player base. They will always have good items regardless of harvest.

This nerf is laughable considering almost every other form of crafting is a waste of space in this game. You say that harvest becomes the only reliable form and other forms are ignored(paraphrasing here) but that is because you nerfed everything, you nerfed took away a lot of exclusive mods/weight from make all weights insanely low in general...

Please tell me why an amazing item should take someone 3000 alts > 1000+ augments and 3000+ imprints with 3000 regals and then Cannot roll attack mods with wasted exalt slams for t50 strength?

Imagine wanting your players to sit in hideout for hours focused to make sure they don't alteration spam over the 25 weight explode...

I'm likely gonna skip 3.14 and every league after that because you've shown that you don't even know how to make tons of builds/new skills viable and the meta is literally the same 2-6 builds every league in 1 variation or another.

I generally never crafted because it's a waste of a persons time and I always have to resort to tricks to make currency instead of making a cool appealing item...Every time I've enjoyed crafting, it's been heavily nerfed. Fossils..Multi mod changes(mod pool and such) and now Harvest.

P.S Don't even get me started on the worst performance of a constantly updated game I've ever played in my life

Wonderful words.
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