Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

This is a massively unpopular decision to make ggg, I for one played later in the league due to the attraction of crafting awesome gear. I hate slamming exalts on a great item, for what is usually a 1/20 chance of the desired mod, then a 1/6 chance of annulling it if its bad, might as well not bother.

Please revert these changes, keep harvest and integrate it into official trade.
can you still craft with harvest? yes
can you still do good items with harvest? yes
can you use another mechanics to craft items ? yes
can you do mirror tiers items only farming 1 mechanics and without a great investment? no

the last one shouldn't never exist in first place. it absoluty breaks the game
and the idea of farming/crafting.

also, a nerf to harvest was very obvious. can't understand why it still surprise much people. ggg never let live too much a abused mechanic. maybe is time for less crying and more time to learn the game?
All I read was a bunch of horse#$%!

RIP harvest.

Because GGG doesn't want to bother to fix the broken aspects of the game that make this a "problem" to begin with. Just make it so nobody uses it anymore, problem solved like always, brilliant GGG design work. So proud.
In your attempt to balance this system, I wish you would at least acknowledge that there are 2 completely different experiences related to the effectiveness of harvest for those that trade crafts using TFT and those who don't, and think about ways to deal with THAT issue.

I highly doubt the real balance issue here that needs fixing is the handful of incredibly dedicated and experienced players that actually managed to self craft near-perfect items by finding the necessary crafts themselves.

I bet 95%+ of the high number of mirror-tier like items we see this league comes from people trading in harvest crafts in a way that offers them some scamming protection, which you refused to implement so far to really support trading in harvest crafts for everyone.

To me it looks like, instead of trying to solve that imbalance, and make harvest fun and powerful for everyone, you just nerf it across the board.

Is this really the best approach you can come up with?
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I am OK with this.
They think harvest makes people leave the game sooner?
Half these replies are people talking about how harvest KEPT them in game...

They don't want people to have to use external hosts to trade harvests? well how about you stick to that policy in trading in general then? how is having a trade macro posting "thanks" at the end of a trade more player interaction than telling people what horti you want from them, have them stream it to you, then thank them and leave, or in my case - talk to them about what I wanted to get and how disappointed I am I didn't get it.

I've dumped roughly 100ex on horti trades for one single mod on one single item, and I still didn't get it yet, this is not an overpowered mechanic for all builds and cases, for some it's just a remedy to how obnoxiously difficult getting a certain mod combo is.

You're saying you want the feeling of risking item bricking in the game? why? nobody else wants it back, the reason people are using harvests is not just because it's strong or forced, but because people can finally go hard on min/maxing characters... without harvest the league would have been giga dead already. leagues are usually half as populated as this one is right now at this point of time, why on earth would you assume harvest makes people leave EARLIER after gearing? people are finally staying after challenges because they can finally min/max their character to the end of time.

I've been a supporter for years now, and got as many challenges as I wanted in pretty much every league, but every time I find a mechanic I enjoy, it gets gutted so hard immediately after it just doesn't feel rewarding. :(

Tl;dr - I hate this, I hate this a lot, thanks for ruining yet another league mechanic I've enjoyed.

seelroy6 wrote:
This hurts the average player more than it hurts GG insane gear crafters.

I think you were too hasty in adding Harvest to core, just like you were too hasty in adding Heist to core. You could've let Harvest sit on the back burner for a few leagues, really weighed the goods and the bad, and made a crafting overhaul. You could've taken the bench crafts, veiled crafts, and harvest crafts and mashed them all together. Want to annul a specific mod? 10x Annulment for the craft, and suddenly the Annulment orbs have value in trade league again. Want to Exalt slam a specific mod? 3x Exalted Orbs for the craft, and suddenly Exalts are being consumed to craft.

Instead you lightly changed Harvest, re-released it and re-confirmed you don't like the strength of deterministic crafting. And now we're here where Harvest is being completely and utterly gutted to the point it really ought to just be removed.

I'm absolutely disappointed with how you're handling integration of previous leagues into the core content.

Adding on to this, if you want to take it a step further you could remove certain tags from certain strong influenced mods. Make it so you can't deterministically craft an explode chest, just remove the physical tag on it. Cause at the end of the day it's the strong influenced mods you don't want deterministically crafted. But, something like % inc life? That could keep its tag, that could still be deterministically crafted because it's not busted.
I don't think I can say anything that other people here haven't said.

I've played this league far longer than any other before (including Harvest, because of how much of a PITA managing the garden was).

This hits the casual player more than anyone else. It really is frustrating to me, seeing these players who spend so much time every league playing the game, abusing mechanics and basically building mental characters that I don't even have a hope of nearly reaching.

I really hope GGG reconsiders the harvest changes. If you really want to hit that 0.1% without screwing the more casual players, just get rid of the ability to craft for others. I don't want to deal with the discord, I doubt anyone does, but I love being able to gradually improve my gear without tossing the (relatively) small amount of currency I have down the drain.
The harvest mechanic only exposed the flaws in the current craft system and its value in relation to the trading. I play many hours and I still am not comfortable with slamming exalts on things since it is so random that the expected value doesn't seem worth it compared to trading. The currencies work in SSF I'm sure for crafting, but not so much in trade.

The harvest league concept is just a better implementation of the currencies since it lets you have a little control even though there is still plenty of randomization.

Maybe a better solution is just keep all the harvest crafts and let you spend currencies to execute them (i.e. reroll rare with chaos mod costs multiple chaos since it is better than just a raw chaos spam). The two methods on top of each other don't seem to work so well.
heiji17 wrote:
Hey can I get a refund for all the MTX I bought this league? If you guys are going to make this game unplayable for the average player I might as well just not play it. Doing this instead of fixing your stability issues is actually hilarious. Makes me think you don't actually want people playing for more than a couple weeks every league.

The game was playable before harvest and will be playable after this nerf, good luck in diablo 3 we wont miss you here.

Diablo 2 Remake, you mean, and then Diablo 4, because it's coming soon.
I for sure won't spend another $ on POE, was actually saving up for the Harvest supporter pack, LOL. The fucking irony, right?

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