Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

I also have 2 philosophies:
1. I stop supporting companies that are out of touch when it comes to the community (that is why I uninstalled bnet after the blizzard "you don't have phones " fiasco, even if I actually enjoyed some of the games they had)
2. I stop playing games that are trying to waste my limited "me" time

I could drop 60$ on the next league, but that is ageist both of these important philosophies.

Sry GGG. Been with you since the beginning on and off, bringing some of my friends in this game, helping new players in my guild get a grasp o it, and so on. But the lack of reaction from you on this topic and the new "close your eyes and exalt" meme, that while not as bad as the "you don't have phones" fiasco, is basically on the same length, made me reconsider some of my opinions in regards to you.

Hope something will change my mind in the future, but I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to changing my mind usually.

Good luck with your next leagues.

people who will finally be able to enjoy PoE again exalting away.
Wouaaa ... 475 pages on this topic !!!
Did GGG came to answers to players ?

The nerfs are very disputed, lot of people gave their opinions, some relevant ideas have been said...

If i'm right, GGG said communication with us is important ?
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Those player retention speak for themself after the announcement ..

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No problem with that man, you just... Close you eyes and annul - Explode goes poof!

dhgfghdhg5 wrote:
Those player retention speak for themself after the announcement ..

Is this your first league? This literally happens every league, just look at your screenshot lol
Players also expressed frustration that the most effective way to get the best items in Path of Exile was to join a discord channel and try to trade for these incredibly crucial crafts.
This summarizes my attitude towards Harvest perfectly! Burn it to the ground and salt the land!
I really enjoyed playing this league and for the first time kept playing red maps and beyond and I did it on TWO characters.

Harvest crafting was a huge part of this, so I'm sad to see these changes.
This Kersiak 2 pages earlier, had a very good list of garden changes, one thing could still add on it maybe: Could make it so, that cannot enter garden before map has 0 monsters left and boss is killed... Would limit exploiting even more, if that is what GGG wants.

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