New Discoverable Hideouts

Oooo my eyes likes darkness. I will have to farm for these :)

To the guy that said 30 maps... this is a long time farm target not something you should easily find.
starczek wrote:
[Removed by Support]

I don't think you understand how companies work. You don't have everyone working on 1 thing. You have different departments and different teams working on different things. Why would you have the art team work on network issues or engine stability? Would you blame Toby in HR for ugly graphics?
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Hello GGG
On January 30th I found Primeval Hideout but it did not pass, it is a pity you can do something about it GGG
TheTrumpTrain wrote:
As someone who found the Primordial H/O but got the bug where you couldn't get the dang thing bc you "didn't kill all the enemies in the area" (cleared entire map btw) I'm realllllllllly hoping they fixed this issue before showcasing them. Otherwise... GGG pls

I wonder why in the first place there's this need to kill monsters inside the HO to unlock it, there's no challenge at all. I mean, we should have a big badass boss in there, not regular monsters...
starczek wrote:
[Removed by Support]

You're absolutely right! Now they should move all these HO designers to the team responsible for programming. They surely got nothing to do since HOs are finished. Brilliant thought...
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Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
Found it yesterday :-) pog af
Ice Golem Golemancer Build - BALANCED - ALL CONTENT -Everything Dies-Huge Damage
and Stone Golem build
IGN- Ciasna_Muszelka/NaughtyGolemancer
Erazer4Gaming wrote:
Is this a joke??? after 30 Primordial Blocks maps didnt get it new hideout GG&G i guess.....

First one and i got it. RNG baby!
lol 30? im about 200 in nothing yet..... forever unlucky
I can only imagine anime girls designers on this one...

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