New Discoverable Hideouts

thats gonna be so good to look at in 10 fps thanks ggg
more hideouts we need!
The first time they came out with discoverable hideouts, I ran Sunken City over and over. I eventually found the area which unlocks the hideout, but the game bugged out and the mobs required to kill didn't all spawn.

I went through all the effort and didn't get the unlock because GGG implemented a buggy feature (what a shock).

I see announcements like this and just assume it will be a huge waste of time to even try.
can't we have some lighter hideout ? Most of them are super dark/night related..
Somebody who got it, where in Primordial Blocks you found it? Ive done a lot of them already and still nothing but just for info, to be sure where it should be.

thx guys

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