Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Boom goes the dynamite.
At best I am slightly below average in terms of skill. This just seems like you don't want me to be able to play beyond the story at all. Cool new expansion full of endgame fun to bad I'll never see it.
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RIP Deadeye
Why don't you just delete Assassin ?
Interested to see those patch notes on the remaining skills tomorrow now. Trickster needed some tuning for sure but wow, that's brutal. And Heirophant? Was it really that much of a need to gut the damage by 37.5%? Finally, I totally understand wanting to tune down Minions (specifically Spectres, sure) but not only was the Spectre Minions hit extremely hard, but you also tune down every smaller node by an additional 5%. Good times, and I don't even play minions.

Tomorrow is going to be spicy. Can't wait.
RReds wrote:
You killed all hype about so amazing new league and atlas content, I no longer have any desire to play this game at all. If you dont wanna people to play necro then delete it, be straight with it.

Next time try release support pack after patchnotes and not before and you will notice the difference, because this time Im literally regret buying.

exactly this...
pretty sad
Why not just delete ascendancy at this point? the massive amount of.... not even a nerf its just gutting the classes, is just dumb. Assassin nerfed trickster, nerfed,slayer nerfed gladiator nerfed, champion nerfed necro.... necro is just gone. Does anyone see anything that does not constitute a gutting of the ascendancies?

With this just make the game 1 class no ascendancy and make it all boring nodes, or make it a fixed node that is auto selected.

Well, I guess yet another league i can skip, been doing that a lot lately because of horrible decisions. Make the leagues boring people wont play. Kill any type of playstyle.... people also wont play.
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Mostly unnecessary nerfs. Maybe they will rethink their strategy when they lose half of their playerbase in couple of years.
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my body is ready

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