Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

I mean yea, many many nerfs but cmon guys, we all knew it, the Powercreep is out of Controll. Overall i think its a good thing, many nodes were overtuned and the game way way to easy.
Fucken hype! Some of the buffs are amazing :D
Anyway, what is that with Movement Speed being removed from Ascendancies? This is so bad, makes the game much worse. Literally almost every ascendancy got the movement speed bonus from Notables removed.
Yo imma start digging my scions grave
goodbye assassin, goodbye champ. u were nice.
fk u poison bwers and fb cycloners and fk u ggg for such a balancing, while fking aurastackers and summoners still far over others. dont tell me about nerfs, it will still be almost the same.
OMG, what have you done to Master Toxicist... Not a fan at all
I could go over the loss of extra Chaos Damage, but loosing the Virulence passive is too much...
Betrayal league =>
Update 3.9 =>
Delirium Update =>
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still waiting for the ascendency buffs that were promised by Chris, more than half of the ascendencies got nerfed
Just remove the Scion Class.
yeah...make everything slow again.
occultist buffed pog

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