Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

They actually nerfed Raider damage in a league based on bossing. And by a wide margin.
R.I.P Raider lul no love there
Aurastacking Champion now?
So why didn’t Chris just say in the announcement video that you was going to nerf basically all popular builds? Was so hyped to play this league, thanks for ruining the rest of my day
Wait it's all nerfs ? .... Always has been
So you ruined carrion golem and absolutely gutted necromancer? I had to spend over 75ex to get that build even rolling and now it's literally unplayable. Nothing was added it was literally just a massive damage nerf with no bonuses in its place. Is it a rule that when the league looks good you have to destroy the fun builds? Like this entire new Atlas stuff is supposed to be for the high-end players that make good builds and now with this and Aura stacker you just gutted some of the best builds in the entire game. Do you just want no one to see maven?
O>M>G> & 3 L>O>L>
Nerf the NERFED Game GGG...
So, why did you murdered toxic rain?
GG ez RIP minion

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