Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

lovemost of the changes <3
esp. ascendant ^-^ got some love
wow nice

you seriously just hyper nerfed like everything
Trickster changes aren't fatal. I'm happy LoL
More minion nerfs, because the changes to Spectres wasn't enough already.

Assasin changes pants for poison builds too, with alot of reduced movement speed :/
Thanks, GGG, for buffing my raider

raider is back BOYS
rip assassin
What absolutelty retarded Assassin nerf.

Totally gutted...

Thank you for destroying the hype I had for this league
Holy shit, so many nerf! Every patch is a nerf hammer, wtf GGG?
I Believe I Can Fly ~~~~
I expected CoS to be nerfed and that's alright. But nerfing most of the champion ascendancy?, Master of metal was mostly why people chose champion, and not a lot of people played it outside of CoS Slams last league, so where is the reasoning for this?. Almost nobody went for Unstoppable hero, and it got
Also for Jugg, the amount of people that played that ascendacy has been minuscule, and yet the undeniable node got nerfed badly. Heck even the charge duration got nerfed, and nobody ever saw a problem there.
Where is the reasoning for these changes??, I was going to go with one of these two ascendancies for my leaguestart playing and offmeta build but even that got gutted.
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