Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

GGG: Yeah guys we gonna balance the game bla bla bla...

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So GGG concepts are :
There are a lot of classes that are mediocre at best, let's mix them up a little, a little nerf there a little destroying a build here.

Necromancer-- Nooo don't nerf it just reduce minion damage with 5% so other classes can't say it's not nerfed.

Aura stacking carrion golem not nerfed at all while it's the most OP and unbalanced build in the entire game. Headhunter and aura stacking is what GGG will never nerf.

Boss killer league will be full of those irritating carrion golem aurastackers again.
For new players like me this update is so terrible. I’ve started to understand all this things in game and now it changes so lot of stuff... It will exhaust my brains completely.
SrPomp4s wrote:
Hi, I dont know about building characters very well, but I have a question if someone can help me. The raider ascendancy has changed a bit, so I dont know what nodes are the best for a Frostblades starter, if someone can help me it would be much appreciated

Have fun in Ritual League exiles !!!1

Quartz Infusion, Way of the Poacher, Rapid Assault and Avatar of Slaughter.

You can consider Avatar of the Veil for the ailment immunity, albeit there are other sources of ailment avoidance available (you'll mainly want that node if you're playing a multi-element build, which Frost Blades typically isn't - just use Frost Bomb for inflicting Exposure on bosses).

Get as much evasion and dodge as you can. Consider Mistwall for maxing out your (attack) block. Wear a Kintsugi and allocate Wind Dancer on the passive tree. If you really want to push your damage reduction (for when you eventually get hit), consider running Aspect of the Crab as well (although all the other Aspects also have nice bonuses to offer, and you can only run one of them). Can also anoint Aspect of Stone*, if you don't have any other passives you're interested in.

*don't bother searching your passive tree for it cos it's hidden, you only get it via anointing -
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Lvzb3l wrote:
GGG: Yeah guys we gonna balance the game bla bla bla...


HH has been deliberately left untouched, as it's meant to serve as a twink chase item. There is no way to balance the effect it has - since it just borrows from the pool of rare monster mods which grant rare mobs the power to threaten us - that wouldn't mean nerfing it into irrelevance. See Replica Headhunter for a much weaker version - there's a reason that thing is much cheaper.

Headhunter is essentially separate from discussions around game balance - everyone agrees that it isn't balanced, but it also isn't meant to be.
AbyssOfManus wrote:
Zaturnin wrote:

The small node change - -5% is not less, it is reduced. there is difference between that.

MATH: x*y*z , where x is flat damage, y is 1+(% increased/reduced damage/100) and z is 1+(% more/less damage /100)

Now, when you understand this, 5% reduced is much less than the 5% less.
What you thing the change is, is LESS. In reality, it is REDUCED.

MATH #2 : Your minion deals 1000 flat damage, you had 400% increased minion damage (PRENERF) and 200% more damage via support gems (this is the example).

What I have pointed out, was the from like 5 nodes from 15% to 10%.

POST NERF will be looking like this - 1000 flat damage (unchanged), 375% increased damage (POST NERF) and 200% more damage.


Prenerf damage - 1000* [1+(400%/100%)]* [1+(200%/100%)] = 1000*5*3 = 15000 damage

Postnerf damage - 1000% [1+(375%/100%)] * [1+(200%/100%)]= 1000*4,75*3 = 14250 damage

You have lost 100% * [1-(14250/15000)] = 5% damage (or in the POE calculation, it would be written as 5% LESS damage).

I was talking about cluster jewels that add more multipliers to the equation. Thus, the percentage loss can be even lower, because you can generate more INCREASED damage via cluster jewels than through the passive skill tree.

Ah, I see ! Indeed, when you put it like that, it makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying, I see what you mean now.
EvoFrenzy wrote:
Am i the only one thinking Raider Changes are alot more significant.

Rapid Assault and Avatar of the Chase

just from the onslaught node you get Perma onslaught and 56% attack, Cast and movement speed.

and if you take Quartz Infusion and Avatar of the Veil

Perma phasing and immune to Ele aliments.

I know what my ascendancy is going to be this league..

Don't forget, if you do this you also have 15% dodge and 15% spell dodge.

And the assassin had 34% movement speed removed from ascendancy because?
might skip this league, since i mostly play necro every league
Really love the changes. Good work
So tired of seeing necromancers complaining.

IT'S STILL OP, jesus.
MINION/SUMMONER playstyle is OP.

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