Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Assassin :

50% chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike to Gain Elusive on Critical Strike.

I mean seriously, what's the difference when its uptime was already 100% ?
The buff can't be refreshed until it expires.

-34% movement speed overall, for +25% Elusive effect. What a joke.
Soooo.... You give cobra lash a baby buff because you think it's underused (it is) but then you continue to nerf the crap out of poison on every ascendency it can use. That's still a nett nerf on cobra lash which was already severely underpowered since the last expansions buffs to bosses.
If these are "buffs", why not let us choose between the old and new ascendancies?

(Hint: they aren't buffs depending on your build)
ashlexd wrote:
Everyone who plays Necromancer should stop freaking out. The minor nerfs to the damage nodes is like... 10% less dps at max. It's not MORE damage, it's INCREASED damage on top of what you already have
Be glad we still even have the other notables. The real shit is when they release carrion golem nerfs or spectre (operatives) nerfs. Other than that, build is just at 90%~ strength. Still really fucking good.

Are you even paying attention?

Raise Spectre gem got nerfed. Syndicate Operative got nerfed. Carrion Golem got nerfed. Necro Ascendancy got nerfed.

Stone Golem got nerfed. Elementalist golem ascendancy got nerfed.

The OP Syndicate Operative skill needed changed. But as for the rest, the other minions and ascendancy nodes were only OP because of aura stacking stupidity.

Without aura stacking stupidity the minions wouldn't kill the end-game bosses in two seconds, nor would players be able to tank big hits.

But whatever.

ColeonePS wrote:
solidghost wrote:
ColeonePS wrote:
Discharge Heirophant anyone!?!?

Those minimum charges cannot be used by discharge right? They need to be consumed.

These cannot be consumed?!?

Nope. Minimum charges cannot be consumed. Discharge cannot use them.

Those minimum charges cannot be used by discharge right? They need to be consumed.[/quote]

These cannot be consumed?!?[/quote]

Nope. Minimum charges cannot be consumed. Discharge cannot use them.[/quote]

Ughhh damn. Thanks for heads up.
So glad that Ascendant was buffed up finally.
So good to see melee ascendency to get nerfed,the majority of players plays melee right? Complete trash,just garbage nerfs...Tbh since Legion you guys only make melee worst to play compared to other builds.
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Thanks(?) ggg for kill the tricksters giving them nothing but nerfs.

Just give me a stick and a wooden shield and with that I would kill uber sirius awakened and mavened version :v
The North Remembers
Ok but why remove the double totem summoning for no reason?

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