Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Sitzura wrote:
You even killed SRS, while it was already dead.

What is dead may never die 5Head from GGG 👌
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Raider's looking pretty good, phasing AND onslaught 100% uptime, with some useful buffs if you take them all the way. This will be the go-to for delvers; never get trapped in the darkness by mobs again.
Raider Ele Hit or Wild Strike are going to be absolute BOSS with EE and Avatar of the Veil.

Coupled with Phase Acro and high evasion builds means they're going to be very, very difficult to hit.
Still have to contend with spells, but attack and projectile attacks will almost never land.

Creeping Frost occultist got solidly nerfed.
Necro's Corpse Pact isn't terribly clear... meaning the player got up to 200% increased attack/cast speed but minions are unaffected? This looks like an absolute monster for Volatile Dead builds with lots of corpse spam (can you even produce 100 corpses???)
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yarkil wrote:
Trickster changes aren't fatal. I'm happy LoL

50% increased chaos damage is gone and 10% dodge is gone, not sure what els.
So hyped all the changes seem great, cant wait to see the gems!
RIP heirophant
Thanks for guardian buff !!!
Harvest crafting has been the only fun thing since delirium, and you've consistently gotten worse at balancing this game.

How hard is it to bring up awful classes that aren't played, and tweak the broken ones?

I'd be happier seeing a league with no content and reworks to make every skill viable.

80% of this games content is useless and the learning curve is horrible for new players.
Hoping POE2 can do some of these things..
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yarakuro wrote:
Dude, Saboteur buffED! Ball lightning maybe?

Not really, no, and I am a HUGE trap fan. If you consider points taken historically;

- 30% increased trap damage from born in shadows to gain enemies are always blinded on hit.
- 30% increased trap damage from chain reaction to gain an additional 20% area of effect
+ 2% increased trap damage per trap from perfect crime (new max trap count?...need to wait and see)
+ 5% chance for traps to trigger an additional time (per trap basis but full trap damage benefit of whatever trap manages to snake through the RNGverse)

A huge drop in "increased damage" (~48% which equates to 8-10% overall damage) for some extra "sometimes" survivablity (blind) and extra rare "some times" extra damage (traps pop twice) with a guarantee that whatever you pair it up with will provide 8-10% less overall damage in an area less than twice the size it used to be. Mathematically, it is close to being a washout in dense mob packs, but the way it reads does not sound very inviting.

Even so, the difference between myself and the entitled nay-sayers is my next steps are to look for stuff to offset all that. Though this is the hardest and most complex game I've ever played (making it hard for GGG to keep an all encompassing eye on everything), generally speaking they do try to leave a way for the mediocre player (like myself) to eke out a living.

I'll be looking next at skill tree changes (if any), gem changes, new league gear, etc.

I'll probably start with a trapper, but if I get into T14 maps and die because a gnat farted on the other side of the map, I'll scrap it and try something different. It usually takes me 2-3 toons before I land on something I like anyway.
If you will nerf everything, you should add many more options of ascendancies, just like Deadeye is looking like now.
Why are people saying that necro is dead? The nerfs aren't too bad.

nerfs on damage, minion duration, golems and spectres too. it's on the dev manifesto.

I only hope there is a life buff on minions somewhere, i wan't to play some lmao RS build this league.
no third challenge reward since beta lmao

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