Game Balance in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

I'm not gonna lie, the whole minion section had me in tears. You honestly broke me. I always go traps/mines/totems or minions. They are my preferred style of choice. My first league Bestiary i had a spectre build and in Betrayal i did the scorpion. When Blight brought the new changes to ai aswell as the ascendancy rework, I along with many others went flocking to it. I stuck with it, because it felt good and fun and it felt again like the Necromancer i always did in D2.


This is the 5th league after Blight and we've gotten nerf, upon nerf, upon nerf. Spectres nerfed, oke were doing Skeletons next league. Skeletons nerfed. Zombies? Zombies nerfed. Oh look a new cool spectre Redemption Sentries! Nerf. This nerf today and that at the end of Harvest made me already lose 20M dps. Most will probably say 'means you still have too much, its deserved'. That character is still nowhere NEAR the dps numbers some builds do, yet lets keep nerfing it for the people who actually ENJOY the PLAYSTYLE and not do it for the damn 'meta'.

I finally got the uniques needed for the golem builds since that was a minion build i hadnt done yet. I made two characters in SSF standard, the popular aura carrion Necromancer and a different stone Elementalist. I enjoyed those little creatures so much with how aggresive they are and tiny when using the amulet. But you killed them before i even gotten the chance to enjoy it longer.

Every league after Blight i've been stressed out about my main class and you've legit broken me.

Good job
Same comments every manifesto ... those who don't understand necro, golem and aura stacker nerf are just hypocrit. Take a look at 5 or 6 previous league and see how many times necro was in top 3 ... and you know what, it will probably still be in 3.13.

I often play trickster and i love it ... ofc i am a little bit disappointed but i understand the nerf.

Some patchnotes are unfair ( Heist that nerfed 2H for exemple ... just why ??? ) but this manifesto seems fine.

POE offers an infinity of builds to play ; i don't know what will be in 3.13 but i am sure i will have full fun in it.
If you like to play the same build every season and want more power each patch, D3 is perfect for that.
The question that boggles my mind from few days is what is the maximum possible number of notables if I have Several Thread of Hope jewels, cluster jewels and Unnatural Instinct as Elementalist? I think we will see some super ridiculous numbers of aegis shield.

they didnt nerf arakali dagger build summon animate blade summon animate guardian build.

you guys need to check out other minion builds out there.[/quote]

Are those builds truly league start viable from the start without mandatory uniques?[/quote]

If you understand what transitioning is, then yes.[/quote]

You missed the point
Xeian wrote:
M_atrix wrote:
Thanks for nerfing every single minion build. Now I don't have a single build to play next league. Thank you very much. F this...

stop crying lmao
play another build

I can't. I have issues with both hands and minion builds are the only builds I can play.
Can we have 2020 back please?
u guys killed minions builds
u should buff the others not nerf the ones ppl were playing

aura staking was overpowered, thats ok to nerf
but those minion builds were not!
for example.. hall of great masters can easly be done by aura stakers but not any minion build.. in fact, the greatest minion build last league was another aura staking one with golens...

u guying are killing the mid game and leving space only for the top high end
not everybody lives from streaming and can play 10 hours a day guys..

most ppl go for minions cuz u avoid most crazy off screen one shots...
while keeping a good clear speed without having to play tons of hours / spend tons of currency

if it wasnt for those crazy off screen one shots builds would differ much more

They did it. The mad lads did it. They slightly nerfed ED/Contagion builds KEKW
all minions died to covid
100% mortality rate

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