Game Balance in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

my barron zombie had my aurastacker i'm building at standard ... its over ...
There's more, right? This can't be it, or am I missing something?
~ Seph
So hyped for the patch notes now. Good changes so far!

Justified nerfs for sure. Aura stacking and carrion golem needs to go.
IGN: Archet
The problem is not spectres the skill, it is individual spectres. If spectres as a skill gem / concept were OP, you would be able to click on any random monster, and their spectre would melt the end game. This does not happen. Kayela has many spectre showcase videos, where with very high end gear, different spectres take an eternity to kill the Minotaur.

Redemption Sentries were a bit too powerful, but they were over-nerfed, GGG didn't take into account spectre summoners were so strong due to harvest. Syndicate Operatives are slightly bugged, so I have no issue with those changes. But other than those two, spectre builds have been very average, and expensive to put together. Slave drivers are "ok", as are frost auto scouts, but the problem with spectres has been 2 over tuned spectre types, not the spectre archetype being OP. They have taken an axe to the class, when they just needed a surgical knife for Syndicste Operatives.
morfeablack wrote:

Soo youre complaining about the fact that you cant afk in red blighted maps and have enough dps to 1 shot sirus?

Thats very cute, they should nerf minions much more than they did now, they are still op af so stop crying.

The game is made to be finished with 2 mil dps, losing 20m out of 60m is no big deal
i was calling this 3 main nerfs Aura stackers , spectres/golems and impale since Delirium came out... thanx for finally balance it!.

nice work .
There goes minions....
Raised Spectres will now be monster level 72 at gem level 20 (from 76),

this means :
20% less health, 20% less damage.
in_hop_in wrote:

why not start having fun without those game breaking builds
if you nerf 10 gems out of 30, you automatically buff the other 20!
Minions got hammered hard.
Golems nerf, golem-talist nerf
Spectre nerf
Well, the new Necro is not released yet, they may hammer them again
"War's over, soldier. You just don't know it yet. Everybody lost."

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