Game Balance in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

imagine thinking spectres needed 3 separate nerfs. Actual joke
Some of the decisions in regards to "rebalance" of skills/skillgems and unfortunately also ascendancies beg the question wether anyone involved in the process of that decision has actually played the game. It almost seems as same decisions are purely based on a "simulation-environment" far from how it plays out in the actual game.

Auranerf was needed. Impale nerf was needed. Golem/Spectre nerf was needed. Don't get me wrong, you got some major issues adressed no doubt.

However ..

Plenty of the smaller changes ... very much seem out of touch and are severely lacking finesse imho.

Not gonna lie, the 3.13 content update / league potential completely makes up for it and then some and most likely it's going to be one of the best leagues ever once it all blends together in the endgame with atlas trees but still .. i know you guys could do better when it comes to the finer details.
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Let's all go play Toxic Rain. It's cheap, It's a trickster and It only costs 4ex for the crafting bench.

And when GGG look at the Poe Ninja, they'll see only Toxic rains in their eyes and how toxic they are.
Tyraxinus wrote:
Now you can delete "Spectre" from the game. Congrats. I get it if you nerf "Syndicate Operatives" and the cluster jewel but also nerfing the monsterlevel ? :D Sorry, i will spent 0 money this league.

Faceplanting through the atlas with level 64-66 spectres will be GREAT fun right? Spectres will also become a necromancer exclusive skill. Nerfing all kinds of spectres means it will become much more important to use the current meta spectre also. Extremely dissapointed that individual spectre types wasn't nerfed instead.
very helpful, stupid beast, thank you
DamoVQ wrote:
Sammael wrote:
M_atrix wrote:
Thanks for nerfing every single minion build. Now I don't have a single build to play next league. Thank you very much. F this...

they didnt nerf arakali dagger build summon animate blade summon animate guardian build.

you guys need to check out other minion builds out there.

Are those builds truly league start viable from the start without mandatory uniques?

If you understand what transitioning is, then yes.
Raised Spectres will now be monster level 72 at gem level 20 (from 76), have lowered Accuracy (to roughly match Raised Zombies at the same monster levels) and slightly slower monster level scaling past gem level 20. In addition we have made minor changes to the They of Tul spectres, which no longer grant reduced damage taken to allies and grant slightly less chance to dodge attacks and spells for their Snow Cloak skill as this ability was providing more defensive power than some of the most effective player defense skills. The knife-throw skill used by Syndicate Operatives is no longer considered a spell, as this created unintended uses by combining both Attack and Spell supports while ignoring their penalties.
balanced to death
Congrats Reddit, you won
Please just keep a legacy version of the cluster jewels so the people who invested a lot of time/currency into their builds can still play It in standard if they so choose.
From this short post I can only see mostly sad nerfs.

I like trying new builds and skills, so no problem if you nerf some stuff, as long as some others are buffed.

At the moment it just feels like too many nerfs, too little buffs.

Looking forward to the full patch notes. Hopefully I'm wrong and there will be some nice, fun buffs in there.

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