Game Balance in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Thanks for the Manifesto GGG! Looking forward to have fun.
Sometimes we get buffs we like, sometimes not.

:) <- For you who read this <3

Also tytykiller is awesome tee hee

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Nerfs Incoming. These nerfs are grinding my gears. They are not only nerfing overpowered builds, they completely made them unusable. Cobra Lash is the only significant buff on this Manifesto. Other buffs were pretty much mediocre.
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Nerfing spectres' levels is just straight up nonsense. Everything else is whatever.
Funny to see how all minion/golem players crybabying cuz GGG just nerfed the most popular type of build.
I'd say that aurastack and carrion golem builds should be nerfed again, cuz they are just stupid.

And while every summoner crying about being nerfed for 10-20%, melee still being dead and not a single summoner even noticing that every melee skill is just 100x times inferior to summons. And currency investment should be astronomical for melee build so they can be on par with some carrion golem 30ex worth build.

If 30% of the whole league playing on minions than THEY SHOULD BE NERFED.

Well to be honest I do agree with you.
We ARE too strong. I mean... I'm playing so called by everyone apparently "weak skelletons" build right now on standard and clearing red maps without a trouble on like 1ex budget is really OP I guess. Im still not very experienced in this game tho. But I've immediately fallen in love with minion archetype here.
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Please at least buff Caustic arrow, it havent been touched sience poe 3.8.0, you keep buffing the monster and bosses and nothing to the skill, it take ages to kill boss even with juicy items.

Have some love to this skill please @Chris
Coil1 wrote:
imagine thinking spectres needed 3 separate nerfs. Actual joke

Just wait for the Necro Ascendency changes...
Thanks for Nerfesto !!!
Rhaxim wrote:
Pizzarugi wrote:
As a minion build player. Those nerfs are very well deserved. People say "They're op because of aura stacking" Yea yea... Did you even play the Carrion Golems without it? Just invest some 40-50ex and kill A8 Sirus in his last phase even before he teleports. Yea what an aura stack.

It's good to nerf them this much. They're angry because they won't be able to kill Sirus with 4-5 seconds without even moving. And also they won't be able to do AFK Blighted Map farm.

I like the nerfs and buffs. An ARPG game has to be balanced and I know it's so hard to make it possible because of endless numbers of builds.

Last leage 30%+ of players were playing Minion builds. Do you know what that means?

I saw someone says they're nerfing the "popular" builds instead of "op" ones. Why do you think they're "popular"? Becase they're ******* OP! Clearing the map as fast as lightning and face tanking Sirus with full investment. That's not the Endgame Build, that is a Endgame ******* build.

Well I won't say anymore. They're only thinking their own asses not the game itself. Just continue like this GGG, love you!

Yeah, bro, just invest in 30 fucking exalteds to make the golems OP. Surely most players aren't poor and can actually afford that much to make golems that strong!

It's not the games problem if you can't make even 30-50exalted in first month. It's because you don't KNOW this game and you NEED to do some practice ^^

Why are so many idiots so intent on making this game path of AH rather then path of exile.
A big middle finger to summoners....again
So far some justified nerfs, not as much as I wanted, but still.

Waiting for the ascendancies and patch notes.
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