Atlas Passive Trees in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Nice, waiting! This league starting SSF so maybe most of this miracles I won't see but for sure it will be motivating for learning and development. If too hard always can switch to normal one ;-), regards!
Really great concept that should help people target certain items. Could see certain red maps in specific regions getting really valuable.
Aside from potential crashes and bad balance - oneshots etc from maven, and insanity from doing 10 bosses, this league may very well be THE best league so far, carried by expansion of course.

Some of these passives are ridiculous. Even just having the 10% fully completed blueprint can be highly valuable even if you don't run heists.

I think you had to do 228 maps to get all mavens done for all passives, so there's gonna be a lot of grinding. Combine with ritual/sirus i will definitively not feel bad about skipping heist and delve entirely.

I wasn't too hyped for 3.13 before news and announcements, probably slightly burned out, but these changes are quite refreshing and motivating me to play.

Imagine something like much better unveiling system and lab trials revamp on top..
You just wasted 3 seconds reading this.
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wolfwing wrote:

is it fun never beating the game because you can't get the maps or gear to drop and don't find spending half the game finding if something is worth selling just so you can actually have a chance to play the game?

The worst aspect of this game is how impossible it is for casuals even non SSF to just beat the the end game. Not because their build sucks, but because your expected to be able to find enough items to buy maps rather then getting them through the game.

I love this game, but the game relies WAY too heavily on playing the Ah and getting lucky drops to be much fun half the time.

If casual could "complete" the game it would suck for those play more than average. That being said Im going to set my goal here and now. I want 24 challenges completed, 2 builds working, see maven fight. If Im able to win that fight it is extra. With these done I consider this league completed for me.
interesting that only a couple of nodes are "just good" and the rest is "wow, this is super heckin' good"
Dear GGG: can you please hard smack a person that thought, that blue font on a blue background is a good idea
muzein wrote:
wolfwing wrote:

I love this game, but the game relies WAY too heavily on playing the Ah and getting lucky drops to be much fun half the time.

Honestly, that sounds like a you problem. Do you know how better players get around that? They get more currency out of their time played than you. And if I'm suggesting that Echoes will result in players getting less (market) value out of their time, then more people will be shunted into your boat of dissatisfaction and not the other way around.

As for maps - those seem to be one of the things which will increase in value if the meta deems certain areas of the Atlas "viable" to farm.

You claim that your build doesn't suck but that you don't farm up enough currency - That sounds like a contradiction to me - you ought to be able to farm up currency quite comfortably... if you're not then I wonder if you rely too heavily on currency and uniques than rares/jewels/crafting to earn exalts (in which case, this expansion will likely make that more difficult for you).

This is the problem with POE. People saying you have to sell your items to other players to be able to play the game to the end. That needs to end in POE2.
I do not understand why every region has different tree with different benefits. Atlas system, including regions, is already tedious and painful to navigate. This will only add to the pain. It will also lead to further pressure to optimize your Atlas and run only selected few "good" maps in selected few "good" regions.

Another thing I do not understand why this system is permanent. This mini-specs calls to be free to redo to your liking, similar to Pantheon.
Isn't it a bad move to call the atlas modification a "passive tree"?
It looks like something that could pose problems for newbs while reading stuff on internet or when searching for answers.

If anything, it more reminds me Pantheon for Atlas.
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