3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops

Watched 30min of the official POE stream on twitch as well... did have some issues in the middle when twitch went down but i did watch the whole thing. No wings in my inventory though. Could someone look into this?
I watched like 1 hour of the offical stream and watched like 3 hours of random poe streamers and i didn't received the drop :( is there any way to check if i missed something?
Did anyone actually get this? I watched basically the whole stream and didn't received it.
i didn't get the wings Sadge
IGN : NimblePotato
well this was sad i didnt get my wings either
me neither seems i missed it, logged on wrong timezone and then i had to work..

is there a way to still claim wings? pretty pls
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Thanks Blizz/Activision for showing me the right path :)
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This was at an unearthly hour in Asia; is there another way for us folks to get a chance to receive these?
Didnt got any wing till now. Hype!
yea i watched for atleast and hour and got nothing pepesad
For all you of you that are trying to claim the wings, you first claim it through the "drops inventory" on twitch, hit claim Magma Wings, it'll say error occured, drop was not claimed, come back to the poe site and check your twitch settings via the link on step #2 and it will show your history of twitch drops and magma wing will appear there despite it showing as drop was not claimed on twitch

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