3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops

My progress was stuck at 96% and now the campaign is closed..... Watched some hours and now nothing
oh well watched the thing and no wings, rip
I do have the wings in my drop inventory, but i can't claim them
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Accounts connected, watched from the begining to the very end. Nothing on the drops tab of twich or in-game.
Watched 30min of the official POE stream, no drop :(

Wonder if it's because of twitch issues today.
Watched PoE for hours following this post's intructions. But I never got a twitch notification saying that I had to go to my twitch inventory??? and claim it before the event was over. Any way to solve it?

First time I have to get twitch drops this way, it makes no sense.
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Progress bar got stuck around 70% and then Twitch's actual website crashed. Super disappointed.
Seems like it was just bugged for some people, linked just after stream started, watched for a while, not even a prograss bar just nothing nothing. I went back and triple checked I was linked on both sides, tried watching twitch in incognito with no browser add-ons for the last hour and got nothing.

I'm guessing Twitch having connection issues messed something up, was still a fun stream gg to those that got the wings!
Logged into my twitch accounts which I succefully link with poe yesterday and watched for 30 min at least and r3ceived nothing... weird...
Also no wings with 30 mins of watch time
Linked my account ages ago, watched stream logged in for nearly 2 hours, got nothing under drops. I watched on my phone..


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