3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops

The streams interrupted from time to time and i had to refresh/reload/reconnect the stream. (error messages like "network issue" etc.)

My account (PoE/Twitch) is properly linked and i have the message "Twitch Drops: Your account is eligible to participate in Twitch Drops.".

But i still have no drop in my inventory and nothing to claim (except from other stuff (like Tarkov)).

Since the event is over, i guess i can´t obtain them anymore? Guess i will be the only one in my squad without the Wings.
Is there a way to still obtain the wings? Such as via watching a VOD. I had the crash issue and got to 80%.
Hi, I watched all the stream from start to end and when twitch had problems I keep refreshing till it works again but I have no item drop in my inventory. Not on twitch and not in game, nothing.
Watched 30min of the official POE stream on twitch as well... did have some issues in the middle when twitch went down but i did watch the whole thing. No wings in my inventory though. Could someone look into this?
I watched 30 mins as well but didn't get the wings. Was I supposed to click on something at the 30 minute mark during the stream?
Like many others, I had tons and tons of trouble with Twitch. Be it via Firefox and Chrome, or via Twitch's app itself. In -theory- I watched well over 30 minutes of streams. Closer to over an hour, really. But crash after crash of their services, never seeing any progress in the drop inventory, and having to hop from one method of viewing to another just to get the bloody streams going again..
I honestly was really looking forward to those wings. Hopefully you wonderful folk at Grinding Gear Games will come up with an alternative option for us, especially since many, many of us did actually do what was required.
That said, yay for the new expansion drop coming. Looking forward to it!

- Shirra Whitefur
I got it on my drop inventory. But when I try to claim it, I only get an error message saying "Error occurred: Drop was not claimed". Weird
I have no item drop in my inventory, i watch more 2h
Watched till 6AM because of time difference but the wings didn't drop.
Oh well, I was going to buy some cosmetics anyway. Thanks for the giveaway, still. <3
Unfortunately the time spent watching on my mobile app didn't log toward the drop, but i guess the silver lining is that I won't be using the same wings as everyone else :^) Too bad.
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