3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops

Same.. -.-
Not sure what the problem is here. I did everything GGG asked us to and watched the entirety of the stream including Baeclast. Pretty disappointed. I was thinking of playing again after skipping the past three leagues but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth so I will probably just skip it again. My Carpel Tunnel with thank me anyhow.

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I watched 1.5h of stream and got no wings

So I watched the stream a week ago or whenever it was and linked my PoE and all that and there was even a button for the wings and I pressed it. But now I don't see anything at all on either Twitch or PoE end.
When I go to Twitch Rewards on the PoE page, it says "None to Display".

How do I fix this?
I did everything to participate and still have no wings. Very disappointed in this event, 'cause
guaranteed for everyone who has watched
just don't works
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Any idea when we get the drop. I watched the whole event and still haven't got the wings. I've checked and my account is linked and I'm eligible for drops.
watched for an hour and a half never got wings

Accounts linked, drops enabled, watched for hours but no wings for me. :/
Yeah, I see some players running around with those wings. Will this be addressed by a staff member?
also didn't get any drops despite watching the entire stream :(

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