3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops

I am aggravated with how this went down with the Twitch drops. I rushed home from work, tried to log in to Twitch and it just would not connect, it kept saying I needed a time machine. And I needed 30minutes of connected stream time?? I am already set up for drops. I eventually connected to Baeclast and had to walk away and Twitch crashed once again!
No drop for me.
Could there be another chance to get those wings??
Oh, the weary traveler draws close to the end of the path...
My PoE account was already linked to Twitch, I watched the entire stream, and then half of Baeclast, and I didn't get the wings. How do I claim it?
Yeah, I was logged in, I've checked my twitch drops, nothing. c'est la vie I suppose. I think we are all just SOL.
Do we have any information from GGG about the drop? Looks like a fair chunk of players missed out due to the Twitch glitch and the timer not counting most people’s watch time. I know I spent over 2 hours watching only for it to stop at 37%.
Any reply from GGG would be great.
Damn, I wasn't even aware there was a stream... Missed the wings :(
You must not only the watch. you must gou claim thish shitty drops.


if you dint have it here

support cannot help you
Komm tanz mit mir in die Spiegelwelt
Komm tanz mit mir bis der Vorhang fällt
Es gibt keine Schatten in einer Welt ohne Licht
Komm tanz mit mir bis der Spiegel bricht!
Since when have we had to manually claim twitch drops? I've watched plenty hearthstone streams and the packs are automatically added to my twitch inventory without me having to manually click anything on twitch.

Is this a new feature on twitch?
Can confirm. Watched for over 2 hours. Chatted in the chatbox. Nothing in my "twitch inventory" to claim. Previously it was all automatic
Same here, watched from the start to almost the end of Baeclast, checked all my connections and they were set up right, no wings :<
Same here, no wings at all.. we've been scammed

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