3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops

I missed because of the wrong timestamp.. sad.. :'(
I got it but it was kind of puzzle. As someone wrote earlier "you first claim it through the "drops inventory" on twitch, hit claim Magma Wings, it'll say error occured, drop was not claimed, come back to the poe site and check your twitch settings via the link on step #2 and it will show your history of twitch drops and magma wing will appear there despite it showing as drop was not claimed on twitch"
an hour of watched
1st time on twitch
how to redeem ?
I cant see it in my micro-stash
zero drop gang back in action once more?
I saw it, but I didn't get wings
No drops for me either, been there, saw the hole thing, couldn't log in to twitch due to some error on their side.
Same here, no drop available for me either
Got it through this weird Twitch Drops menu, when you click at your profile picture and select "Drops". Got an error after I clicked claim but I get it nevertheless after a page reload. I guess this feature is really new and buggy at the moment.
missed the day
will it will have more ?
plase, i want the wings
I was there and watched whole thing, too bad noone said you have to go to twitch drops and claim it there... now I can't do it

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