[3.16] General's Cry Blade Flurry Build | Berserker | Scourge | Path of Exile 3.16

Hey guys ! really enjoying this build

only thing I have a big frustrating problem with is PORCUPINES !!!!!

how do you guys deal with them ?

What's the best way to level this build? I heard Hallow Palm is great. Never played Berserker.
Hey guys can anyone give me some tips with surviving the mobs? Tier 9 map and diving a bit haha. I'm level 93 and switch ascendancy from Cheiftain to this. Did not like tectonic slam very much thought this looked better. Can also look at my gear give suggestions thanks heaps.
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Enjoying this build a lot, I was wondering if someone can take a look at my POB, https://pastebin.com/QjpvJ3X9 do I reach the AS threshold for 10 attk's ?

I read that without this my helm enchant is kinda useless, so I might as well get one with berserk buff effect if this one is not doing anything.

PS: which pantheons you guys using ?
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Pure phys cyclone works fine-ish for leveling. Won't set any leveling world records, but if you rush to resolute technique, then get the generic life, sword, fortify, etc. nodes, then the warcry nodes, and then spec out of resolute technique and into the crit nodes, it's not a terribly onerous leveling process, either.
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Malyniak wrote:
What's the best way to level this build? I heard Hallow Palm is great. Never played Berserker.

Earthshatter/Vaal Ground slam+warcries
Some content I ran with this build (Sirus and conquerors) if anyone is interested.


So far loving the build. Making some tweaks here and there, I could really use some more survivability (thinking of dropping abyssus?)

Here is a video on the distant memory maps - pretty fast kills
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What Pantheons do you use?
Thinking about Solaris as major. (Do we need Brine King for Stun?)
And Shakari as Minor. (Also read about Abberath and Ryslatha)

Main focus is bossing.
Does anyone know if a large cluster jewel with "increased attack and cast speed with physical skills" passive actually affect our mirage warrior's blade flurry attack speed?

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