3.12.3 Patch Notes

Mentoya wrote:
phlaistar wrote:
Download Patch - did Grand heist - Crashed in Wing 3 / 4 ...

Did several normal heist - still feels unrewarding. Small Chests are now worthless to open and big chests almost feel exactly the same as pre patch... Still lot and too much of trash chests ... u can literally skip 70% of all contracts bc they are full of trash chests not worth opening ... Still a lot of crowded mobs waiting behind doors to one shot me ...

Me: I have hopes for this patch...
GGG: Hahahahahaha ...

That's not my experience, I feel like the big chests have much more in them now and are definitely more rewarding. Yes, the small chests were nerfed, but the big chests were buffed, and I'm reading the same thing over on reddit...

Yeah - just did about 15 heists... maybe a too small sample size... I had alot of jewellery, armour, weapon chests... Maybe loot would be okayish if they remove those to reenable target farming. The way it is just doesn't feel fun and imho not rewarding enough for the risk of losing everything. You just die and say "Yeah - fuck it ... the most valuable thing I lost was 10% exp..." I still think these mechanics do not work together and I do not think it feels good to be forced into a "pseudo hardcore" mechanic as a softcore player. But yeah - maybe it's just me - but that's enough for me xD
S0T0 wrote:
Tried to do grand heist and crashed to desktop ✓

Did some regular heists and AI can't open a door a foot away ✓

Opened small chests and got nothing of value ✓

Did big chests and got trash loot ✓

Probably quitting the league after this ✓

This league has gone great so far and only a few minor issues have popped up.

Sorry you are having such bad RNG and only getting weapons and armour out of big chests. I'm getting currency out of them, splinters, incubators out of them and 1 scarab so far...I really don't know what people expect???? . Either you are expecting an Exalted Orb, or your RNG just totally sucks.
Getting regular hard crashes every 4-5 heists. NPC's still bug out on league interactions regularly and need to be reset. I also got completely stuck on door while it was opening and had to relog. So far the league isn't improving with patching.
Dear GGG,

I just wasted 20k rogue markers and a 4 wing blue print to your constant crashing update.

Constant freezes after this patch! Didn't have this problem before! Now I can barely play. And I have 32Gb RAM and GeForce 2080. WTF GGG???
And sound is freezing again.
Did they shorten the length of tier 83 heists? or is it actually longer now?
Increased Agility Job Speed...

-We nerfed heist loot again (this is a buff)
//go next
Thank you for all the hard work that you continue to do. Appreciate everything the Devs do during a difficult time in this year. All of the GGG team, I am truly grateful for the ongoing changes and wanted to let you know.

Thank you,

Phil C.
Ran a few heists since the changes. Some heists continue to be large, chest loot is still disappointing, I crashed and the rogue's still bug out and will not open doors unless walking away to reset it.

Was this tested before released to us as a patch?

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