3.12.3 Patch Notes

sometime crash
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So 3 regular heist contracts in, 3 crashes, 30% experience loss (10% each crash). No monsters around when the crashes happened too..

Like what? is the game thinking I died so penalizes me 10% exp each time it crashes?

WTF is up with this league man...
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Fixed an issue where the "Crackling Lance has x% increased branching angle" Eternal Labyrinth helmet enchantment had a lower value than intended. It now grants 36% increased branching angle.

Were the Existing items supposed to change? Otherwise my helmets went to garbage level.
Who Are We? Where do we come from?
Patch after patch after patch.

My second heist in and the NPC's still bug out and do not do the task assigned when you press V.

Sometimes you even have to run back to collect them to reset them.

You guys need a good upper cut to the chin.

Hire some internal testers FFS.
If they don't fix these heist crashes, im done with the league. I'm tired of every league being broken for weeks to a month or more every 3 months.

This company isn't worth spending money on anymore.
Still crashing lol. Cya next league GGG. (If I even have the urge to download the game again that is...)
I never had a single crash in Heist league, I must be lucky.
Fixed a bug which prevented the "League Interface" hotkey from working on Heist Chests during Lockdown if you had Tibbs or Niles with you.

Not fixed.
to late, im out for the rest of the league
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Ty for scam <3
Level 81 Brute Force heist: 4-5 door interactions in, same number out.

Level 74 Lockpicking heist: 4-5 door interactions in, same number out.

Seems like a buff more than a reduction, but maybe I was lucky pre-patch.

Also seems like the doorway murder squads have been reverted to the original numbers, or at least boosted?

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