3.12.3 Patch Notes

This patch so fcking hard killed my ping and fps! In my opinion patch should be rollbacked and fixed. We need patch for patch asap!

Just cannot play.
Heist mobs looks like got so unbelievable buff, cannot kill rare pack with ~3 mil dps. DPS looks like just do not applied because of lags.

I have to quit this until it get patched. Unplayable now.

And still no cheaty lightning wrap fix.
And still loooong heists (80+)
And still not reward (82 ilvl map chest drops few t4-5 maps (and ofc nothing valuable else))
And no fixes for small chests in heist spawned inside the wall (yes, it's unreachable)
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Just to let all you know: im happy in Standard =D
Can you fix AI behaviour during heist and make sure they don't bug attacking monsters behind and just open the door when I say so please?

Can you also hire some testers? I get you have no time to test your game with 3 months leagues but hey, if you're happy with the quality of your game then I'll shut up.
Fixed a bug introduced in 3.12.0 where Void Pits in Synthesis Guardian encounters weren't removed.


NNeto wrote:
Just to let all you know: im happy in Standard =D


Everyone come play standard, where the only thing broken is how strong some chars/builds are with legacy gear.
Fixed a bug which prevented the "League Interface" hotkey from working on Heist Chests during Lockdown if you had Tibbs or Niles with you.

... So when exactly are we gonna get that patch? Cuz it aint workin.
And what was in that 400Megs patch then?

HOW LONG till we get propper league start with fixed OLD things?
Immortal legion generals stuck in death animation fix when? I mean, Legion was year ago...

Guess I should join soem of my friends on WoW instead of this.

Anybody knows if D3 got something interesting goin on nowadays?
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Benny Heist ^_^ https://coub.com/view/2k3ghp
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M1cash1 wrote:
Significantly increased the likelihood of obtaining Unique Contracts from Smuggler's Caches.

not enough it seems...heart of glory was 6 times on trade today

No one has really complained much about this.. but for me finding a smuggler's cache is the real problem. I am not seeing one at all yesterday, ran somewhere between 20-30 maps before I ran some heist and game crashed on me on 3rd heist (which made me not log back in due to frustration)

Shouldn't it spawn a lot more on maps? No one else has this problem? Or am I running too few maps..
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Fixing a league after it already died.

Something about barn door after the horse has bolted.

Good work GGG.
Aeon42 wrote:

Anybody knows if D3 got something interesting goin on nowadays?

New season soon probably, it's always around a similar time as the poe league

Whether that qualifies as "interesting" is up to personal preference I guess :'D

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