Creating Materials for Path of Exile: Heist

Greate work Stan ! And nice folio.

I really love the insides from GGG work.
these are my favorite kind of news posts
“What kind of f*cking neighborhood is this!?”
“People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.”
You and your team are doing incredible work. I'm always blown away by the artwork, design and sound in this game.
There was so much more reworked by GGG, it's a shame nobody is talking about it :(.
@GGG HIGH FIVE FOR THE NEW METAL-SHADERS! Leave my thanks @ Artist-Team.
From Hunter and Gatherer,
to Role-Playing Games
The art is fantastic this league, thats for sure. Good job!
Looks like you need some helpfull feedback:

yay cool neat nice awesome poggers pogu yep

now could you get to stuff that matters literally nobody cares about the material of the walls.
Like many others have said. I love GGG for their transparency on their development and how they share these little spotlights on the inner workings of the business and the game development.

Having said that however. A lot of these things are hard to appreciate with everyone complaining about performance. And, while I might not be experiencing the issues everyone else is, Having all discussion of the game turn into a flame war about how shit the performance is, makes it really hard to have a meaningful or worthwhile conversation about any other things.

I really really like the aesthetic of the new league mechanic. I REALLY like the addition of so many new NPCs. I like the idea of the Rogue's Harbor, but I wonder about integration into the main story. I don't see how it fits in unless it isn't actually made until after the end of act 10.

Having said all that however. I still really like heist, its a lot of actual content. And, being a early version of mapping, I think it can be a valuble tool for preparing new players for how the endgame plays.
This is next lvl shitposting.

Everybody is waiting for the patch.
This league is a design disaster.
The performance is bad.
It's crashing while doing random stuff.
The market prices are all over the place.
90% of new stuff, Gems and Replicas, are trash again.

GGG: Hey look at this nice Shaders!

Me: :,D

But i must say the design and look of the new heist areas are really nice. I like the lab with the gigantic vats.

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