3.12.3 Patch Notes Preview

Please consider fixing the PS4 version of the game aswell. Game crashes for no reason over and over again, when I open the map, when I do nothing at times and it makes no sense. It's been 6 months and no fix was implemented. I am tired of losing loot, time and effort and potentially causing my PS4 to malfunction and stop working. Everyone encountered this problem and we are waiting for a fix. Thanks in advance!
too late
cliimp wrote:
yes delay it until people is done with the league and quit.

The Patch won't be made magically faster, it's not like they choose to "delay" it.
Very nice!
Let's hope we get this league properly set up before the end of the month.
I believe in you guys.

A thing on the side,
I am playing an Ignite Discharger (Endurance Charges only).
I have the issue, that sometimes it does not seem to consume my charges and with that it doesn't deal damage to anything. (I am not using any sort of "may or may not consume charges" effect, such as the helmet enchant.)

Might just be a desynch issue, since I am playing on 'predictive'. But I wanted to bring it up anyway, eventually there is actually something wrong.

Stay sane,
Hexblast now prioritises Cursed enemies.
I know the attention is currently on the active league and I fully understand it.
But please fix this bug before it ends so it doesn't again become a problem when the next league starts:

Too bad that fixing the league mechanics took you 3 weeks after its release. It was a nice standard league for sure.
Moved some of the more valuable main-path chest rewards to Reward Room Chests.

Well, that sucks.

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