3.12.2b Patch Notes Preview

HeManNZ wrote:
So no league bosses this week at all. I really think the league needs to be content complete on release, if convid/working from home is causing production issues, run a legacy league and produce a first class league after that.

Words of wisdom. I haven't played since betrayal, usually 40/40 all leagues that I play. This has been the most unpleasant league yet, extremely buggy with a lot of the content unintuitive and lacking explanation.
damn i was hoping they never fix this animated guardian bug...

ggg could add an item list view in the top of animate guardian aura, it helps we know what items exactly he have.
While I like the change to the rogue harbour, it's kinda disappointing that GGG is just giving up on it and making it private. Though if it means less bugs and lag it's a win for players, just sucks that they couldn't make the common area work, I kinda liked it.
I know the attention is currently on the active league and I fully understand it.
But please fix this bug before it ends so it doesn't again become a problem when the next league starts:

Yay! My main complaint about Heist is over. No grand central station!
hopefully comes out today!
Hey GGG, how do I go about getting a refund on the supporter pack for this horrendous clustertruck of fail that you decided to release? I would really like my $60 back since y'all obviously are incapable of getting this league right.
Performance and Vulkan fixes when?
can completing a heist please have a chance to generate a master mission. I like master mission and doing heist make me that im missing out on them.
Have to admit I'm pretty sad to see such a small list of changes coming out this patch. Obviously I've no idea the time and effort it take to implement the suggested price/length changes to current Heists, but I've really been looking forward to it. Ever since losing my Grand Heist portal to the wrong instance, I've been putting Heist off and waiting for good news, now to think it won't be until next week to see some actual quality of life improvements is a bummer. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to know my Heist portal won't randomly disappear anymore, but I'm already too hyped for shorter Heist lengths, I'm not going to spend my contracts and blueprints now.

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