3.12.2b Patch Notes Preview

I don't see mention of the syndicate crashes... would be nice to know that that's being worked on...
It's sad, I was so excited to build a character to sneak around heists. I quit a week ago since I lost so many contracts to DCs and crashes. Hopefully next league is better. See you guys in 3 months, lol.
Uh oh, Stinky
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marystuart wrote:
I want to make the league, and you're rolling it up to fix it, I'm playing the league like it's STANDARD. This is very bad.

It's nothing short of a miracle you have 30 challenges completed.

Well played!
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cool. rogue harbor is now a private instance.

only two more weeks and the league may be good.
hopefully the rare nemesis crash is the headhunter one :)
The Rogue Harbour is now a private area which only you and your party members can access.

What a shame it took two weeks, as it should have been from the very first moment.

Fixed a bug which caused Grand Heists to sometimes fail to spawn an entrance to a Wing.

And the doors not opening inside a lot of times, or when we are getting stuck in an opening door?

Fixed a client crash that could occur when stealing a modifier from a Nemesis Rare monster.

So this is more important for the top ones than essential bugs with the league mechanism for all.
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Heist: released in an absolute broken and incomplete state. Next league: delayed for another game.
And instead of polishing that next league in the delay, They are jumping on the next after; enough of this.
Kasiulkas wrote:
Seriously we still have to wait one more week for the league to actually work?

If you not going to fix drops at least revert changes to what it was before, this the worst it was so far, not worth time or doing.

You had one whole week to work on this, don't tell me there is one more week of playing STD.

Yeah another wasted week. Why did you insinuate that the big reward rebalance would be this week?
Since we're already at this point maybe consider a 4 month league with the first month gating the new "endgame" content to keep people engaged? The development of this league seems to have been about 2 months behind.

Maybe have next league be Metamorph 2 with the final boss encounters implemented and focus on retiring technical debt?
Please keep the harbor the way it is.

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