3.12.2b Patch Notes Preview

started the league a bit late (2 days ago) but still a bit too early it seems
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I'm disappinted, again. Heist still gives almost no exp or appropriate reward for the time invested in no exp runs. All I've been doing are juiced t16 after losing about 60k on random grand heist crashes. Ive had enough. None of the patch mention random crash fix so people suggestion to disable contraband until you stablize grand heist fell to deaf ears too. Grand heist cost is insane as ever (15% is a sick joke compared to coin drop/heist reward). Rogue AI is not being address either. We still have rogue dragging behind instead of moving to clicked door, agility chars stuck, demolition dancing, and rogue engaging random enemies in the next room. Revert reward nerf if you want us to painfully beta test this mess of a league through these bugs that pretty much bricks time/coin invested in grand heist at whim. People's patience are not infinite GGG. I can't believe I defended you at the beginning of the league when you show this type of behavior.
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The Rogue Harbour is now a private area which only you and your party members can access.

How sad, because the idea of a community harbor was great, but what made it bad was the damn MTX clutter.

I mean you go in there and have like 20 pet wolves that howl every sec of 5 howls/sec.
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Third week incoming heist is still bad XD
Fixed a bug where Animated Guardians didn't lose their items when they died.

I am glad to see that GGG priority is to fix game breaking bugs first. Sarcasm off

I really do not understand up to this date why this item loss on death is even a thing still.
Fixed a bug where Animated Guardians didn't lose their items when they died.


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I am also seeking a refund for this leagues supporter pack. Underwhelming content, bugs on bugs, forced to play the league like standard, creating a filter to omit all Heist content, terribad Door RP / NPC banter. 5 reworks in 2 weeks. 100% my fault for purchasing a supporter pack before fully giving the league a fair shake. Never again.
What the f*ck? That's it? That's all that happens this week?! None of the really needed changes coming? We have to wait another goddamn week?! Yea, no thanks lol, time for a break. And man, am I happy that I for a change didn't buy a supporter pack for this league...
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[unpopular opinion] I actually liked Rogue Harbour to be public! =(

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In Path of Exile most of the time you are sitting at your own Hideout alone and the only thing that reminds you that it is online game is trading. When I teleport in town for some gems or other things - and see bunch of people there - it makes me feel that I am actually playing not a solo PVE content, but instead I am in some sort of an online world.

And I really enjoyed staying in Rogue Harbour sorting loot out with all the fellas on a background. And now it will be so quiet there... I actually am not supportive making Rogue Harbour a private place.
waiting for "performance improvements"

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