[PS4] 3.12.2 Patch Notes

Not sure if others are dealing with the same problems, but even at the title screen, after choosing a character to play, the music begins to skip (like a record) when loading into the realm. It started doing this for me at the tail end of the Harvest league. I experience it every time I log in now.

The crashes I'm having are much more prevalent now as well. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to them. I've tried to keep in mind what's going on when I crash, but it's been everything from strongboxes to simply running through a mob-less map.

The Rogue Harbour is still a bit of an issue, and I thought it was because of how many outlandish microtransaction cosmetics are being used by others, but now I'm not sure. Although, I would like an option to turn them off on my side so I don't see ANYONE'S cosmetics.

Just in case, I deleted many of my games to make space on my ps4. I rebuild my database but still nothing,ggg saying it's cause of FD. Are you serious.!? We look like a joke to you guys.!? Like the last guy said and some other thread I read, gives the option to turn off any cosmetics, give us the option to minimise our graphics if we so please to, it's not that hard. We just want to play the game. trust me no one is watching the graphics while they try to stay alive in a pack of 50+ mobs. Just give us something, it's getting ridiculous.!

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