[PS4] 3.12.2 Patch Notes

The patch goes live at 7PM PDT

[PS4] 3.12.2 Patch Notes

Console-specific improvements

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the use of 'RS' quick move while in 'use currency' mode.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the blue targeting reticle from working with minion summon skills.
  • Fixed an issue where minimap display arrows would remain shown while in range of an objective.
  • Fixed a bug where item level labels would appear below the item within a quad stash tab.
  • Added exerted attacks charge counter on the skill icon.

Heist Improvements

  • Rebalanced the amount of Alert Level that Reward Room and Main Path Chests generate when opened.
  • Added Alert Level Reduction, Time Before Lockdown and Maximum Alive Reinforcements bonuses to many existing Contract and Blueprint modifiers which didn't already have those bonuses.
  • Added additional Reward Types to various Heist Jobs.
  • Breach, Harbinger, Delirium and Legion rewards now require level 68 or higher before they can be found as Chest Rewards.
  • Karst's Heist Perk now only applies to Reward Room Chests. This is being changed to bring him more in line with other Rogues' Heist Perks now that killing monsters no longer increases Alert Level.
  • Nenet and Tullina now give slightly less Alert Level Generation at maximum Job level (20% and 14%, down from 26% and 17% respectively).
  • After completing The Rogue Harbour quest, you will be placed at the top of the stairs when arriving in The Rogue Harbour.
  • Many Heist monsters can now be Spectred!
  • Alert Level reduction modifiers from different sources are now multiplicative with one another.
  • You will now be placed slightly further away from the portal when entering a Heist.
  • Attempting to leave a Heist area before entering a Heist Wing will now request confirmation.
  • Grand Heist rewards which contain Enchanted Body Armours or Weapons are now more likely to contain higher-tier Base Types.
  • Monsters in formations during Heists now stagger the timing of their attacks, such that they're not all using their attacks at the same time.
  • Reduced the damage that Thaumaturgy Officers, Security Conjurors and Ashblessed Wardens deal.
  • Reduced the damage that Labra-tomaton, Labora-dor and Clockwork Sentries deal with their on-death explosions.
  • Clockwork Sentries now have a 20% chance to explode on death (down from 100%).
  • Improved the telegraphing effects and audio of Clockwork Sentries' on-death explosions.
  • It is now more clear when a Rogue has reached the maximum level for a given Heist Job.
  • Improved various Heist quest text notifications.
  • Heist Quest Items will now be removed from your inventory if you fail the Quest Contract. You will be able to get a new item when you re-obtain the appropriate Quest Contract.
  • You can now search by Job name in your Heist Locker.
  • Fixed a bug where some Grand Heists could not be completed.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could prevent completion of a Heist in Smuggler's Den.
  • Fixed a bug where Reward Room Chests that were opened using Demolition could be opened without causing Alert Level to increase.
  • Fixed a bug where Heist Chests could fail to properly lock when Lockdown began when playing in a party.
  • Fixed a bug where Gianna, Master of Disguise could sometimes fail to complete a Job.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Quantity and Rarity implicit modifiers on Heist Brooches from displaying.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Monsters have x% chance to Duplicate dropped Rogue Markers" modifier found on Heist Trinkets didn't display its description.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause Resonators to drop with linked sockets.
  • Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause players to get stuck in a Vault door.
  • Fixed a bug where the Primary Objective chest in Contracts could not be opened in party play if the player who created the Heist was not present.
  • Exiting a Heist can once again place you in a Rogue Harbour instance that does not contain your Heist Portal. This is a temporary measure to fix an issue introduced in 3.12.2 where players were unable to leave a Heist if the instance that contained their Heist portal was full. We will properly fix this issue in a future patch.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.12.2 where Isla was missing their Heist Perk description. This was purely a visual issue.

General Improvements

  • Marked for Death, Mark the Prey and Malicious Intent can now be anointed.
  • Updated the description of the "Inflicts a random Hex on you when your Totems die, with 80% increased Effect" modifier on the Soul Mantle unique body armour to be 80% more Effect. This does not impact the already-hotfixed functionality of Soul Mantle.
  • Enabled the Cursed Words divination card.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Resistance Modifiers have x% increased Effect" enchantment modifier affected the "Your Maximum Resistances are x%" modifier found on Loreweave and Replica Loreweave.
  • Fixed a bug where shield modifiers were still applying to you while you had the Necromatic Aegis keystone passive allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where modifiers that you could not apply to a given item were not visibly disabled in the Crafting Bench UI.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Beastcrafting to ignore metamods.
  • Fixed a bug where you could have more than 100 Poisons on you when using The Golden Rule unique jewel in combination with the Maw of Conquest unique helmet.
  • Fixed a bug which caused monster versions of Cremation to fire projectiles more frequently than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Consecrated Ground from the Sanctuary ascendancy passive could be placed at the destination location after using Frostblink while holding down Move.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Discharge effects were rendered on top of your character, rather than at your target location, when using the Astral Projector unique ring.
  • Fixed a bug causing the mana cost of Discharge to be significantly lower than the listed value on the skill gem.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could be knocked back into unwalkable terrain.
  • Fixed a bug where some new Flame Wall and Frost Shield enchantments were missing descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Wall didn't display the amount of damage that it added to projectiles in its tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where Explosive Arrow fuses were not always visually removed after exploding.
  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly using Ancestral Cry could give your character ever-increasing Armour.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Doom Blast.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Animate Guardian.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur during Metamorph encounters.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using the Fury Valve unique amulet.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Flame Dash.
  • Fixed a client crash.
  • Fixed an instance crash introduced in 3.12.2 that could occur during a Heist.
  • Fixed the most common disconnect that could occur when escaping a Heist.
  • Fixed a common client crash that could occur, which frequently occurred in Warlord-influenced Map areas.
Last bumped on Oct 6, 2020, 2:08:50 AM
Fixed an instance crash introduced in 3.12.2 that could occur during a Heist.
Fixed the most common disconnect that could occur when escaping a Heist.

I hope thats true.
I hope this patch fixes the crashes. In the last couple of days, I have crashed so many times that I lost count.

Guys, the PS4 Patchnotes is actually the same as Xbox's except 1 more line "Fixed a bug with Xbox One Avatar images which could cause a client crash." in Xbox

I hope they have already fix the crash or even a little improvement in performance is appreciated as well.

But if not, i could foresee that a huge raging wave is coming.
Last edited by yukeee1 on Sep 29, 2020, 9:14:14 PM
Does this patch actually address any of the other non heist crashes or will we be waiting longer for those?
I love how the heists are getting nerfed already and most of us couldn't even run it due to how many crashes there were.

Judging by the PC comments, Heists yield extremely mediocre results now, so I guess I'll be ignoring the league mechanic completely this league with what little time I get to play dealing with all the blue screens.

Speaking of the blue screens, I hope they are at least somewhat reduced this patch. Fingers crossed.
fLekkZ wrote:
Fixed an instance crash introduced in 3.12.2 that could occur during a Heist.
Fixed the most common disconnect that could occur when escaping a Heist.

I hope thats true.

Considering they weren't listed under the console specific notes. I'm expecting no improvement on ps4.
Thanks for making crafting possible again, maps were quite tedious.

For those wondering about PS4 specific issues they posted this the other day:

PlayStation 4 Crashes
The common client crash on this platform has the full attention of our engine development team at the moment.

nerfed heists and i just chashed after 3 contracts ggwp league ended ps4 poe officially dead.
3 heists after patch 2 bluescreens as much as i love this game this is starting to get a bit much

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