[PS4] 3.12.2 Patch Notes

"PlayStation 4 Crashes
The common client crash on this platform has the full attention of our engine development team at the moment." i fear the day poe2 release if this is how full attention of your engine team lookls like...
Are you sur you have résolve crash sorry but 4 heist 2 bluescreen,i'm not very sur you have résolve the crash...
It s hard top see one good games with si many crash lag and more...

What the hell are you guys doing for real I've crashed more since I've gotten the update literally 30 minutes ago I've crashed five times delete this game off of the PlayStation 4 real you guys have no idea how to play or make a real game and when I say play most of you guys don't even realize they said it over Elder was unbeatable when they first launched and we beat it as a community within 1 or 2 days Path of Exile on a console is a freaking joke
I was able to actually do 4 or so heists before I blue screened on the 5th which was an improvement compared to pre patch when I crashed about 3 out of 5 heists so gave up playing that mechanic until this patch.
Continua igual assim que recebi a atualização fui fazer mecânica adivinha tela azul fui prós atlas adivinha chego atracar o console sendo necessário retirar da tomada para voltar Poe no console é uma piada
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Please absolutely please revert us back to the old patch this is even worse than it was before
On my first heist i got blue screeen lol
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Honestly GGG at this point, you should contact Sony and remove your game from PSN. Surely there must be guidelines on how the functionality of a product ought to be before you are allowed to extract money from consumers in the name of microtransactions.

Anyone who supported this game during Harvest and this league in PS4 should honestly be refunded. [Removed by Support]
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Just had my ps4 crashed when doing heist because there's too many enemies. I don't know if my build affected it too.
PS4 still crashing;D even on things not connected to heist;D

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