[PS4] 3.12.2 Patch Notes

I can't even log in now after reinstall stalling tells me to update the game but can't update cuz I already have the latest version
can't even log in now after reinstall stalling tells me to update the game but can't update cuz I already have the latest version

The least you could do is answer us instead of just hiding and letting the game fail.
Is this the Heist league or the Waste league?
People complaining about crashes on Heist map, well i cant even update the dam game. I was on the 3.12.1 and ps4 could not find the updated, so i deleted and reinstaled now im stuck on the 3.10.0e.

Take a look
It looks as though there is a systemic issue with the code base that’s leading to crashes, and development is playing whack-a-mole instead of fixing the underlying issue.
I only have a random crash every 2 or 3 hours. I made 10 heists today and 7 yesterday and I never had a crash.
It‘s strange that different poeple have somehow different Problems. Anyways GGG could give some more transparency regarding the current state of finding the issue(s).

Srsly I just lost any hope. As someone who spent hundreds of euros on this game on pc and console I'm finally regretting it.

Like what the fuck are they even doing. They shouldn't be allowed to offer poe in psn store in its actual state. It's beyond ridiculous.

Every single league there are more reasons for the game to crash. Playing on a Ps4pro with hdd first then upgraded to ssd in dilirium hoping this would end or at least reduce the crashes to a minimum.

They're not telling us anything, no transparency or whatsoever for us- paying customers.

Their priorities are at the wrong place if you ask me. This game would've got almost no competition on consoles besides Diablo 3 which is, well, just a boring game with almost no content (saying this hurts as a big Diablo fan since Diablo 1).

They could make so much money by just fixing those fecking crashes. All the other problems ppl are having with this game are secondary because even tho those problems exist, the games still playable.

I finally have to give up on this game. Pc isn't an option anymore bc I love to just relax on ym couch while playing.

Today they sadly lost a paying customer. Maybe even way more when they're releasing "patches". Like this.
This is the first league that you can hide with a filter and I'm seriously considering it.

24 for the cat. That's the one thing keeping me going.
You know they just dropped this game on the PS4 to grab whatever extra cash they could for micro transactions and the watch us burn. I’ve never seen a game run more poorly in my life. And I’m on a pro with an SSD.
Hell cosmetics increase your likelihood of crashing and they still market them without warning hahah.
This league is the biggest joke of 2020, what a heist.
..... what a heist.

well, you got me.

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