New Skill Effects - Celestial Discharge, Automaton Ball Lightning, Transcendence Blade Vortex and Stygian Firestorm

Holy cow! O.O
people actually playing this league ?
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I can only think to one thing about this firestorm :
Feel death grip !
love the firestorm
All of these are so cool, I love celestial/transcendence theme!
If I'll play one of those builds, I would 100% consider buying it.
I wish you will releases more of the hideout decorations outside of Mystery Boxes. Like, the Elder Tentacles, which are part of the Void Hideout background, could be added as separate MTX.
I love these effects and all, but when can I throw my money on either a Celestial Divine Ire, or the Delirium (Black and White) version. You know, for that feel good enemy deletion feel.
These MTX look very nice
Coffee & Cigarettes
You better make posts regarding the crappy mess that the Heist is instead of focusing on voice acting, concept art, and of course your lovely MTX.

No one cares about those until the game itself is good, which is not good by all means at the moment!
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Some of these MTX are cool, but I'll never understand why you didn't release MTX for ailments. Stygian fire skills are great, but then they ignite with the common fire and it spoils the MTX. If I want stygian fire I want all of my fire to be stygian, not blue flames suddenly burning red.
Feel free to ckeck some skill suggestions:
FIX the game instead of pushing down our throat these things.

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